clickworker’s Crowd grows to 1 Million global Users

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1 MN. Clickworker

clickworker, one of the leading providers of crowdsourcing services, has registered one million Clickworkers on its platform since early September. The robust growth of the crowd over the past two years reflects the increased interest in flexible online jobs.

The size of the crowd opens new opportunities for implementing projects
When clickworker first executed its crowdsourcing projects in 2009, only 800 Clickworkers, located in Germany, were registered. Because of this, implementing international projects was nearly impossible. Today, with more than one million Clickworkers all over the world, the company has an enormous pool of expertise and working power at its disposal. This way, Clickworkers with specific traits in terms of language, location, and knowledge can be used for customer projects.

Artificial intelligence (AI) brings new, multifaceted assignments
In addition to text, translation, web research, categorization, and tagging jobs, more and more jobs from companies in the research and development industry are made available to Clickworkers. Beside the increasing need of survey executions, there is a rising demand concerning reference data for training systems with artificial intelligence. This entails an abundance of new tasks, and these also bring about a decent amount fun for the Clickworkers. In frequent cases, short videos of gestures or hand movements, selfies with various facial expressions, or speech recordings are required of the users.

“We’re pleased with the rapid growth in Clickworkers, and thus with the interest and trust shown in our company. The Clickworkers are the foundation of our business, and thereby of our success. We are constantly optimizing our platform and continuously expanding our range of services. This way, we can offer our Clickworkers more attractive online jobs and increase the success of our customer projects,” comments Christian Rozsenich, CEO of clickworker GmbH and Inc., on reaching 1 million Clickworkers.


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About clickworker
With more than 1,000,000 users, so-called Clickworkers, in Europe, America and Asia, clickworker is one of the leading providers of paid crowdsourcing.
clickworker offers scalable solutions relating to SEO content services, Datasets for Machine Learning, web research, product data maintenance, surveys, categorization and tagging in 18 languages and in more than 30 target markets.
clickworker is a full service provider and offers standardized as well as individual solutions for the implementation of data oriented projects for its clients. These projects are broken down into micro jobs using an automated process, and worked on by qualified Clickworkers from the crowd. All results are quality controlled, reassembled and delivered to the customer.
For smaller and standardized tasks in the areas of text production and surveys, clickworker in addition offers a self-service solution via the online marketplace.
This field-tested process offers reliable and high-quality results with high efficiency and outstanding scalability, and at lower prices than with conventional approaches.

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Muluken Girma 21.09.2017, 18:14:30 Uhr


Dear Sir,

Greetings from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

My name is Muluken Girma. I was visiting your website and I’m very interested in working in data entry, online or offline typing jobs. Does your company allow me to do so? If yes, what payment methods do you use?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

With kind regards,

Muluken Girma

Daniel Marz 05.12.2017, 09:06:36 Uhr


Registration from Ethiopia is currently unavailable due to a lack of projects in your area. If we get projects that require Ethiopian workers, we will open it.