Clickworker Grows to 100,000 Clickworkers, Expanding its Workforce in the Cloud

June 15, 2011

Clickworker, an innovator in the global crowdsourcing and workforce solutions space, announced this week it has reached a workforce of 100,000 in the “cloud”, also called clickworkers.

Clickworker is a “go-to” marketplace offering a range of quality-assured content solutions for clients who need large-scale projects completed quickly and accurately. From SEO text creation and data authentication, to translations and copywriting, these tasks generally can’t be completed by a computer or efficiently through a company’s existing personnel structure.

Through Clickworker, thousands of workers can be quickly engaged in a project, allowing for accelerated completion with human oversight for quality assurance. Clickworkers are a globally distributed workforce comprised of 52 nationalities around the globe, with the majority originating from the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and Spain.

The company announced the news from Crowdconvention in Berlin, Germany – an event organized by Clickworker and the first-ever crowdsourcing industry event to take place in Europe. The day-long conference drew top companies, investors, customers, media and experts in the emerging space from the US and Europe.

“This marks a significant milestone in the growth of Clickworker and in the crowdsourcing space,” says Wolfgang Kitza, CEO, Clickworker Germany. “Crowdsourcing is rapidly becoming an irreplaceable step in optimizing work flow and processes for companies across the globe. As its use spreads, more applications for paid crowdsourcing will be developed. With regards to our clickworkers, we have carefully cultivated this educated, trained workforce from 800 in 2009 to 100,000 today. This fast growth is result of client demand and a strong indicator that crowdsourcing will remain a viable business and workforce solution.”

With high unemployment rates lingering in the U.S and abroad, Clickworker serves as a solid solution for connecting the workforce to projects. Leveraging crowdsourcing brings efficiency into the global labor market, providing work solutions for the self or under-employed. Clickworker’s rapidly growing global workforce spans a variety of backgrounds and expertise, such as the professional looking to further their development, the mother who left the workforce to raise a family, the graduate juggling multiple jobs to build a resume and supplement internships, or a freelancer seeking to round out contracts and opportunities.

“Clickworker has provided me the opportunity to further develop as a technical, creative and professional writer,” says Geordy Reid, a North American-based clickworker since 2010. “This way of working has opened the doors not only to other areas of writing and business, but also to job prospects, individuals and knowledge that would have been more difficult to attain prior to becoming a clickworker.”