Wirtschaftsforum: Pioneering work for almost 20 years – from e-commerce to AI

Since 2005, clickworker GmbH, led by Christian Rozsenich, has evolved from an e-commerce-focused platform into a key player in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The company has increasingly concentrated on AI since 2018, training systems with global visual and linguistic data. The platform utilizes a crowd of over six million people worldwide, which is essential for the development of representative AI algorithms. clickworker offers its clients customized solutions as well as a self-service option for independent management of tasks.
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Süddeutsche: Working from home

Taking part in an online survey or feeding data are allegedly ways of earning a bit of extra money – via mouse click from home and without any prior knowledge. It sounds almost too good to be true.

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RP-Online: Leave it up to the crowd

With crowdsourcing, companies can tap into the knowledge of the entire world: Freelance developers program software, customers test products – the options are limitless.

e-commerce Magazin: Crowdsourcing – clickworkers implement company projects

Outsourcing to the crowd, the anonymous mass is the concept behind the neologism crowdsourcing. Amazon produces films with crowdsourcing, users can create their own shower gel for the drugstore brand DM, and the Lindner hotel chain wanted to enhance their hotel concept via crowdsourcing. However, Pepsi takes the cake this year: its “Crash the Superbowl” contest is looking for the funniest commercial. The winner receives $1,000,000. more… (in German)

horads: Online jobs for students

Are you familiar with this feeling? At the beginning of term you are motivated and ready to put a lot of work into university. But how can you spur yourself on until the end of term? One new possibility could be crowdsourcing. What’s behind it? Listen to the radio interview (in German)

TriplePundit: Crowdsourcing Generated Content in the Retail Industry

As a result of the increasing importance of the digital world, the retail industry must adjust its marketing and distribution measures to meet the challenge. The number of consumers who buy goods on the Internet has rapidly increased in the past few years. The main questions remaining are how to reach the well informed, digitally networked consumers and how to win them over. more

Online-Marketing Experts: Crowdsourcing in the service of online marketing

It is common knowledge that the changes in the field of IT and “New Media” are progressing at a very quick pace and involve continuously new possibilities and trends. In relation to its importance for marketing management one can say that hardly any topic turns out more new knowledge than online marketing.

Companies must constantly observe the trends and changes in the areas of search engine optimization, search engine advertisement, additional online advertisement options, social media, mobile devices and communication channels, as well as web based interactive options in order to provide marketing activities that are target-oriented and up to date. more

Staffing Industry: Wisdom of the Crowd

Staffing Industry
Change is in the air. For an industry that’s already evolved significantly from the “Kelly Girl” days, the future promises more change to come. So what’s in store?
For starters, we’ll see more projects being crowdsourced, more hiring in the cloud, more use of technology, more independent workers and the increased use of vendor management systems. In short, more of everything.
Crowdsourcing ranks as an emerging practice. Crowdsourcing has been used for recruiting, but it’s also a relatively new area and it remains to be seen as to whether crowdsourcing could itself be a new branch of the staffing industry. more