Optimization of search and filter functions using crowdsourcing

post published May 5, 2017 post modified March 7, 2022
Optimization of search and filter functions

While users used to make their way to the desired subpage via a navigation menu, today a shop’s search function is most commonly used. In this guest post Ines Maione from clickworker demonstrates how you can offer your customers an even more effective search function with the help of crowdsourcing.

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Email Marketing Forum: Voice commands change the SEO world

post published May 4, 2017 post modified March 7, 2022
Voice commands change the SEO world

In June 2011, Google introduced “Google Voice Search”, thus launching a new era in search query strategies. By the end of 2013 when Google introduced voice control for its Chrome browser a large number of users started to make their search queries with voice control instead of typing them on the keyboard.
The change in search query user behavior also has a significant effect on search engine optimization (SEO).

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Deutschlandfunk: From the machine room of the new workplace

post published May 2, 2017 post modified March 7, 2022
new workplace

The world of work has become complicated, too complicated for conventional human beings, which is why they construct help in the form of artificial intelligence. Was it naïve to believe that Homo sapiens would be able to defend its superiority against this competition for good?

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ePages: Checklist for more visibility on the net

post published December 23, 2016 post modified February 4, 2022
epages blog

Just like with brick-and-mortar retail, the requirement for strong sales in ecommerce is that an adequate number of customers find their way to your store and enter it. In this article, Ines Maione from clickworker provides helpful tips for this.


Trusted Shops – White paper: 9 tips – How product descriptions can create more turnover

post published September 13, 2016 post modified July 11, 2022

What do adescription of a product share with duplicate content? And how should you deal with keywords?
With product descriptions, numerous things must be taken into consideration to ensure that they fulfill the standards of your products and provide effective sales support.

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Die Welt: Big liberty with creative competition from all around the world

post published August 10, 2016 post modified June 11, 2021

A “typical” Crowd Worker does not exist – the crowd is as diverse as the different tasks are. Because there are not only platforms for designs. Crowd working is also very popular in the fields of microtasking and web testing.

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ePages: Crowdsourcing for online retailers

post published June 24, 2016 post modified February 4, 2022
Crowdsourcing for online retailers

In this guest article, Ines Maione from clickworker gives you an overview of how online retailers can benefit from crowdsourcing.

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Onlinemarketing.de: Customer Loyalty in E-Commerce

post published May 4, 2016 post modified February 4, 2022
Loyalty in E-Commerce

If you consider the progression of e-commerce sales figures, it would appear that business is very good. Nevertheless the climate for individual online retailers is becoming increasingly harsh. More and more businesses are betting on lucrative online business. Together with the increasing internationalization of e-commerce, this is leading to a real offerings inundation in the market. Today customers already suffer the agony of choice. Prior to any planned purchase they can compare vendors, offerings and products online within a short amount of time and then choose freely amongst them. The “net safety” online purchase inhibition has also diminished due to the number of merchants with official safety certificates. Customer loyalty is progressively declining because of the numerous purchase opportunities: people are buying where it’s cheapest or where the shopping experience is the best.

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Marketing Börse: Listening to the customer – crowdsourcing for SMEs

post published April 29, 2016 post modified March 7, 2022
Crowdsourcing for SMEs

The big companies already demonstrated it. Companies like Tchibo, Ritter Sport, dm, Lego, McDonalds and Starbucks have already discovered crowdsourcing for quite some time for its marketing acitivities, in order to get new product ideas, opinions and user behavior directly from consumers. Quick and large scale.

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Trend Report: Internationally competitive in online trading by using crowdsourcing

post published March 22, 2016 post modified August 31, 2022
Internationally competitive

In keeping with ever-increasing network connection speeds and the constantly expanding supply of affordable, technically sophisticated mobile devices, the number of people shopping online is also rising. According to the statistics web portal statista.com, worldwide ecommerce revenue this year will amount to about 889,790.9 million Euro. The forecast is that sales by the year 2020 will increase another 50% and reach 1,334,864.6 million Euro.
With that the prospects for online retailers seem extremely positive, however the climate for individual online retailers is becoming harsher. Due to increasing internationalization and consolidation in ecommerce, competitive pressure is also rising. Besides the relentless price war, the struggle to have the best shop with the best technology, usability, best service and greatest experience factor for the user, as well as the best visibility on the net, is also on the rise. Only those retailers who can keep up and do so efficiently will share in this growth.
One option for online retailers to implement projects to improve their competitive position, and to accomplish that very efficiently, is by using crowdsourcing.

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