Süddeutsche: Working from home

post published January 4, 2016 post modified September 25, 2019

Taking part in an online survey or feeding data are allegedly ways of earning a bit of extra money – via mouse click from home and without any prior knowledge. It sounds almost too good to be true.

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Frankfurter Allgemeine: Earning money from the comfort of your sofa

post published January 3, 2016 post modified June 29, 2016

Processing jobs on the Internet: categorizing clothes, describing products or programming software. As a result of digitalization, companies are increasingly dividing projects into small jobs and outsourcing them via crowdsourcing platforms to large numbers of people worldwide – so-called crowdworkers.

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e-commerce Magazin: Creation of product descriptions that yield conversion

post published November 20, 2015 post modified July 11, 2022

What characterizes an ideal online description of a product? What content belong in the text and how long should the text be? E-commerce managers must ask themselves these questions to optimize their online shop and achieve a high conversion rate; good product descriptions are an essential feature for the success of online shops.
If important, purchase decision-making information is not included in the descriptions, customers will leave the shop without making a purchase. Customers usually click on the “Buy” button when they have obtained all the information needed to ensure that the selected product meets their needs and expectations. At the end of the transaction, customers must be convinced that they have made the right decision.

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Online-Marketing Experts: The Right Way to Use Keywords

post published November 12, 2015 post modified June 29, 2016

The correct use of keywords is the deciding factor for whether the contents of a website will be found, or if it will get lost in the mass of content on the web. For that reason a knowledge of keywords is essential for all website operators, especially if you operate the site for commercial purposes – because only products that can be found can also be sold. And the more often the content put up online is found and read, the better the keywords for that content were handled. This means the creator of this specific website recognized which search terms internet users put into search engines to find, among others, the content he offers, and he optimized the page accordingly in relation to these terms (keywords). The first step to keyword optimization is therefore identifying them, and with that the keyword research for each individual webpage.

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ONLINEMARKETING.DE: 9 Tips to Promote Online Shops through Good Content

post published October 5, 2015 post modified July 28, 2022
Unique Content

Good unique content for SEO is crucial for the success or failure of an online shop.

On the one hand it is categorized as relevant by search engines like Google and Co. Pages that are classified as relevant based on search input are displayed by search engines at the very top of their results lists. This leads to additional visitor traffic via the search engines. The more pages with good unique content that you offer on your website, the better. Because every individual page of your online shop is located in the index of the search engines, and increases the possibility for more visitors and with that potential customers.

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RP-Online: Leave it up to the crowd

post published July 20, 2015 post modified November 17, 2022
With crowdsourcing, companies can tap into the knowledge of the entire world: Freelance developers program software, customers test products – the options are limitless.

COMPUTERWOCHE: Digital Sidelines

post published June 3, 2014 post modified March 7, 2022
“Writing texts is my hobby,” says Michael Pullmann. A student of architecture, Pullmann broke his leg four years ago and registered with clickworker to pass the time during his semester break. He has created many texts, corrected the work of other authors and edited data on behalf of this crowdsourcing platform ever since. “ It takes an experienced author between one and two hours to write a typical text, beginners take longer,” describes Pullmann. more… (in German)

TagesAnzeiger: Trying out microjobs

post published May 12, 2014 post modified March 7, 2022
Clickworker platforms claim to be the future of work in many sectors. Tagesanzeiger.ch/Newsnet tried out few of the microjobs sites for itself.
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Gute Laune: microjobs – I’ll just go earn some money

post published March 26, 2014 post modified February 16, 2022
Would you like to improve your household budget, or earn a bit on the side for a vacation? Many of the jobs advertised in this or in a similar way on the Internet are dubious. But not always! “Microjobbing” is the new magic word. more… (in German)

Bayern2: The emergence of the digital working class

post published January 12, 2014 post modified November 17, 2022
Crowdwork Bayern2 – Radio broadcast about “Crowdwork”
Outsourcing is a well-known concept. A further development of the idea is known as crowdsourcing. Work that was previously outsourced to low-wage countries is now going to people who are surfing the Internet: to the crowd. listen to the radio feature (in German)