Investment Alternativen: Interview with Marc Ahr, Managing Director of Clickworker

post published June 25, 2013 post modified February 9, 2022
Crowdsourcing is on everyone’s lips and is already being regarded as a revolutionary development in business. Marc Ahr explains how the crowdsourcing plattorm works.
Mr. Ahr, please give us a brief explanation about how Clickworker works. read the interview… (in German)

e-commerce Magazin: Crowdsourcing – clickworkers implement company projects

post published June 18, 2013 post modified April 13, 2017
Outsourcing to the crowd, the anonymous mass is the concept behind the neologism crowdsourcing. Amazon produces films with crowdsourcing, users can create their own shower gel for the drugstore brand DM, and the Lindner hotel chain wanted to enhance their hotel concept via crowdsourcing. However, Pepsi takes the cake this year: its “Crash the Superbowl” contest is looking for the funniest commercial. The winner receives $1,000,000. more… (in German)

DKultur: The cloud workers

post published April 29, 2013 post modified March 7, 2022
Cloud computing – the next revolution in the world of employment – by Peter Kessen

A gigantic data cloud is gathering over working mankind. Cloud computing, the outsourcing of data, programs and services in and through enormous data centers is regarded as the coming revolution in the world of employment.
Listen to the radio feature (in German)

horads: Online jobs for students

post published April 19, 2013 post modified April 4, 2017
Are you familiar with this feeling? At the beginning of term you are motivated and ready to put a lot of work into university. But how can you spur yourself on until the end of term? One new possibility could be crowdsourcing. What’s behind it? Listen to the radio interview (in German)

ZDF Blog: We are the robots

post published February 26, 2013 post modified March 3, 2021
ZDF Blog

You can earn extra money with microjobs on or , however, the tasks are mainly in the text sector. Founded in 2005, the Clickworker system provides a variety of job opportunities. There are currently 310,000 jobbers registered with Clickworker. According to company particulars, approximately 100,000 are from Germany.

According to company spokeswoman Ines Maione, “most of the jobs are in the text creation, web research and categorization sectors.” The texts are generally descriptions of products or offers and consist of 200 – 400 words. Research jobs usually involve the verification or adjustment of existing addresses.

Eldoradio: Crowdsourcing

post published January 22, 2013 post modified August 21, 2019
Have you ever heard about crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing involves dividing individual tasks into small parcels that are processed by a number of people on the Internet. Listen to eldoradio reporter Philipp Dienberg tell you why it’s worthwhile. Listen to the podcast (in German)

AKTIV & Blickpunkt Wirtschaft: Additional Income 2.0

post published January 1, 2013 post modified June 11, 2021
Earning money on the go – a simple task
It's common knowledge that smartphones are powerful, small computers with an innumerable number of apps. But did you know that you can earn a bit of money on the side with them too? This trend has been given a name; it is referred to as “microjobs”. more… (in German)

(Article from the business journal “AKTIV”, issue 23, 10.11.2012, page 7 – Also appeared in the journal “Blickpunkt Wirtschaft”, issue 1, 2013, page 19/20.) Crowdsourcing – the quick way to generate knowledge content for websites

post published October 24, 2012 post modified December 19, 2018
Even today, many operators still see and use e-commerce platforms only as a pure distribution channel. The possibilities to optimally integrate the website into their own marketing mix remain unexploited in some areas, especially in the area of product policy. Product policy encompasses all decisions related to the characteristics of the product. In addition to merely offering and presenting the product portfolio, design and packaging as well as highlighting quality, this also includes the often forgotten product-related services.
more… (in German)

TriplePundit: Crowdsourcing Generated Content in the Retail Industry

post published October 23, 2012 post modified March 7, 2022
As a result of the increasing importance of the digital world, the retail industry must adjust its marketing and distribution measures to meet the challenge. The number of consumers who buy goods on the Internet has rapidly increased in the past few years. The main questions remaining are how to reach the well informed, digitally networked consumers and how to win them over. more

BestPractice: Hot kids over the clouds

post published July 2, 2012 post modified April 4, 2017
The cloud is the first overcast that can make you happy. Because you can get rich quick with the right instinct for consumer trends and the help of the cloud. In America and now here too. Take a look at some of the more glamorous examples of cloud-based business ideas and startups and read what makes them so successful. (Article from the customer magazine “BestPractice 2/2012” from T-Systems) more… (in Germany)