heute.de: Customer Reviews: ordered propaganda?

post published December 22, 2011 post modified July 3, 2019
The secret is out: not every customer review found in online stores, or on review portals, come from a user who has actually tested the product themself. Good reviews simply increase sales. Thus, companies are always trying to move their products in a better light through fake product reviews.

Computerworld.ch: Paid Crowdsourcing: 100,000 new staff members

post published September 6, 2011 post modified December 12, 2018
Computerworld CH
Contracting text writing, programming and other tasks to freelancers over the Internet, so-called “crowdsourcing,” is already par for the course in the American workforce. However, when allocating valuable tasks to a “crowd,” there are a few things to keep in mind. more… (in German)

Net against Nazis: From personal ads to anti-Semitic satire: Radical right-wing lifestyle on the web.

post published September 27, 2010 post modified November 17, 2022

When a neo-Nazis wants to learn more about how to interpret Adolf Hitler’s book: “Mein Kampf”, or if they are looking to meet a romantic partner but want to find someone who shares their extreme right wing views, like everyone else, they simply look on the internet.

There is a growing infrastructure that caters to neo-Nazis and all aspects of the neo-Nazi lifestyle on the Internet. As a Clickworker, lead research campaign shows, this infrastructure isn’t even the main problem. Racist and anti-Semitic content can be found on non-radical right wing internet sites.

more… (in German)