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Order Costs

Copywriting / Text Creation

Quality LevelPrice* excl. proofreadingPrice* incl. proofreading
Simple texts
Straightforward texts that may contain an increased number of spelling, grammar and phrasing mistakes.
1.3 Cent/Wordnot available
Texts about everyday topics without additional research effort
Well-written texts about simple topics that may contain some spelling and grammar mistakes.
1.7 Cent/Word3.7 Cent/Word
Good texts with minor research effort
Well-structured texts with relatively few mistakes in all areas.
2.2 Cent/Word4.2 Cent/Word
Challenging texts with an increased research effort
Well-structured texts about challenging topics, virtually error-free.
3.5 Cent/Word6.5 Cent/Word
Challenging texts in professional quality
Exceptionally well-phrased texts about challenging topics that are high quality.
Very technical articles are not covered.
7 Cent/Word10 Cent/Word

Hints on text orders

The net price per text is based on the price per word x typical number of words within the range of the text length selected by you.

Per text a basic fee will be charged; this will be to the amount of: € 0.35 for texts excl. proofreading; € 0.45 for texts incl. proofreading.


Quality LevelPrice*
Without proofreadingTranslations by native speakers.10 Cent / Word
With proofreadingTranslations by native speakers. Every translation will be checked by a second Clickworker with regard to spelling and grammar.16 Cent / Word

Surveys, Sentiment Analysis,
Mobile Task (AI Training Data & PoS Customer Insights),
Image Annotation

Method of OrderingPrice*
Self ServiceOur Self Service Marketplace provides a quick and easy way to find and recruit suitable Clickworkers from our pool to work on your project/task.Client determined payout per Clickworker + 40% service fee
Fee recommendations
Managed ServiceRealization of your individual requests regarding the project set-up and process via our project management team.
On Request

Costs for other solutions on request

* All prices are net prices (exclusive of value added tax).