Product Categorization
and Tagging

Our international network of Clickworkers stands ready to organize the full range of your online product offering. Organizing it into appropriate categories makes it easier for customers to find what they need – and helps you boost your SEO ranking.

Product Categorization and Tagging
Product Categorization and Tagging Use cases

Fields of application

  • Classification of your products into predetermined primary and subcategories
  • Classification of your services into categories
  • Tagging your products with logical search-specific terms
  • Tagging your services with logical search-specific terms
  • Tagging your product images with logical search-specific terms
  • Sorting your offer into relevant segments (for example “G-rated” and “X-rated”)


  • Easy identification and tracking of your offer via internal search functions or search engines
  • Increase in conversion rate
  • Prompt categorization or tagging of large amounts of data
  • Quality-assurance guaranteed
  • Scalable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • API Connection
Product Categorization and Tagging Benefits

Product Categorization and Tagging by clickworker

Do you offer goods online and are eager to see an increase in their turnover rate? Make them easy to search and find, and ultimately watch your numbers grow.

Search engines like Google are indispensable to online shoppers. Businesses must ensure their products are appropriately categorized to guarantee that web crawlers, as well as internal search functions, can effectively match customers to the right products. Independent of search functions, customers should also be able to easily navigate your website purely on it being organized logically and predictably. Take advantage of clickworker’s Product Categorization and Tagging service to handle all of the above-mentioned scenarios, ensuring your website is found and recognized as easy and intuitive.

Our network of Clickworkers is prepared to provide support and quickly sort through your full range of products and classify them into appropriate ranges, optimizing the usability of your shop and the traceability of your goods. You define the classifications and we deliver the results. When requested, we are also prepared to develop a list of appropriate keywords (based on product and category) that buyers could potentially associate with your offering. This will further optimize your site for search. Our large, international pool of Clickworkers are not only conscientious and dedicated workers –they also are everyday consumers. They will sort your products, categorize them and provide them with the appropriate keywords, using a keen buyer’s perspective.

Product Categorization and Tagging by clickworker

Managed Service
Product Categorization und Tagging

As a full-service provider, we can tap into a wealth of crowdsourcing solutions to accommodate your varied product categorization needs. Our working process is systematic, structured and designed to ensure the best possible outcomes. We work closely with you to define your project requirements and to outline the available options, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience. Our procedural steps include dividing the project into micro-tasks, sourcing the appropriate Clickworkers to execute, reviewing the final results to ensure quality and the management of all aspects related to payment.

Get in touch with our service team. Your personal adviser and contact person will be delighted to handle your request and advise you.

Managed Service Product Categorization und Tagging

How it works:

  • Approach our service team to contact a project administrator who will be glad to provide advice and discuss your project needs.
  • The project set up is completed and Clickworkers that hold the necessary qualifications will be informed about the availability of the jobs via our online platform.
  • Our crowd will will sort the products into predetermined categories, or will tag them with appropriate keywords.
  • When requested, a second Clickworker is available to ensure correct results.
  • All verified results are sent to you at requested intervals in an Excel sheet via e-mail or directly via an API connection.
Contact our Sales +1 (212) 878-6686 +49 201 95971830

Order Specifications

We require access to the following information to ensure the best service with respect to your inquiries or when placing an order for our Product Categorization & Tagging services:

  • In which language(s) do you require the categorization or tagging?
  • What category sector(s) do the classifications fall within?
  • Will the products or images be tagged as well?
  • If so, how many keywords per product or image will be required?
  • What is the volume of data that will be divided into categories or tagged?
  • What are your expectations with regards to quality?
  • Will you need an API connection?

What our Customers say about us

clickworker is a very attractive service provider for anyone who wants to have a large number of simple and recurring tasks automatically dealt with.


Case Study

To illustrate our Product Categorization and Tagging solution in action, we have provided a practical case study for your review.

FAQs on Product Categorization with clickworker

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on product categorization and on our solution at clickworker.
For any further questions do not hesitate to contact our Service Team.

What is product categorization?

Product categorization is the process of grouping products together in a way that makes it easier for the people buying them to find what they are looking for. The different groups can be based on the product's function, use, or target market.

Why is product categorization important?

Categorization is the process of dividing a product into groups in order to make it easier to find and use. Categories make it possible to find products quickly and to compare them. The different groups of products can be things like brands, types of products, colors, etc. This can make it easier to find what you are looking for and to compare different products.

What is retail taxonomy?

Retail taxonomy is a system that categorizes products and services into groups. It is used to make it easier for people to find the products and services they need. Retail taxonomy is usually divided into three parts: product, service, and price.

How to create a product taxonomy that benefits your business?

Creating a product taxonomy can be beneficial to your business in a number of ways. By categorizing products into specific groups, you can more easily find the products you are looking for and make better purchasing decisions. Furthermore, by understanding the needs of your target market, you can create products that appeal to them and drive more sales.

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Our API technology enables the seamless transfer of order results into your systems.

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Category Texts

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