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Are you a passionate reader and itch to correct every comma or grammar mistake in newspapers, online articles or books? Then you might be the right person for the following task sector.

We are looking for proofreaders to check and correct the texts. These can include descriptions of cities, hotels, products or software. Since the range of topics always depends on the current job situation, this task promises to be interesting.

Your constructive and affirmative comment about mistakes and issues helps the authors on our platform to write good texts and learn from their errors. The following aspects must always be observed: spelling, grammar, style, expression and the exact implementation of the job instructions.

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How do I become a proofreader on clickworker?

You must have an excellent command of your native language, a very good sense of language, enjoy correcting and you must be able to keep the job instructions in mind.

After signing up as a Clickworker, you can immediately demonstrate your skills by taking the tests offered on our platform. However, every proofreader at clickworker must initially acquire experience as a texter to gain insight into the internal processes involved in later proofreading work. You must therefore first qualify as an author and handle a few text creation jobs before you can take the proofreader assessment test. However beware, the assessment cannot be repeated. Be sure to complete the assessment test only if you have enough time. For some languages there may not be a specific proofreader assessment and the qualification happens on the job itself.

Access all available jobs directly in your Clickworker account. Your fee per word is based on the quality level needed for the respective job. Deliver good work results on a continuous basis and take advantage of the opportunity to reach the highest quality levels and access to better paid jobs.

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