Data Service for Research & Development

Data service for research & development

Reliable data in high quality and large quantity for your research projects

The acquisition of usable data is often one of the biggest challenges in the implementation of research projects. Besides determining which method is best suited for data collection, the time and cost factor for data collection is often relevant and requires a pragmatic solution.

With our service you can have the data required for your research project generated by our crowd. Whether primary data obtained through surveys conducted among our crowd members or data researched, extracted and/or analyzed by our crowd on the web or in documents, our crowd can provide you with reliable data for your research project. We also offer the creation and processing of AI training data for AI research in particular.

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Marktforschung und andere wissenschaftliche Studien

Market Research and other scientific Studies

Traditional market research techniques such as customer surveys, competition and sentiment analysis are an excellent means for companies to discover valuable market gaps, to become aware of and satisfy the needs of the target group and to develop new, market-driven ideas for products and services.
The availability of our crowd has made obtaining valuable market data easier than ever — whether through surveys conducted with the crowd, or research and analysis of secondary data on the web and social media platforms.



Obtain valuable data for your research by conducting surveys among our crowd members. Use the filter functions to select the crowd according to your target group which gives them access to your online survey.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Our crowd members will extract and analyze information about the market mood, including what consumers think about your products, services or your company in general, based on social media posts, video or audio content.

Competition analysis

Competition Analysis

With the help of our crowd, we offer relevant competitive product and service data retrieved and analyzed from the web. This ensures that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

AI & technology

AI & Technology

Search engines and other leading technology companies use artificial intelligence to create innovative products and improve the user experience. Product development requires large amounts of versatile data for both input and training.

We can provide these companies with the power of our crowd and the creation, processing, and evaluation of training data that is tailored and created to fit the development of each application.

AI training data

AI Training Data

We provide cost-effective training data created specifically for your AI model. Our international crowd will prepare customized training data, such as photos, audio and video recordings in great diversity, in any amount and exactly according to your demands.

Search relevance

Search Relevance

With the help of our crowd, you get the chance to enhance your search engines and functions by evaluating the search results in terms of their relevance to the search term entered. You can use this information to feed and continuously optimize the stored algorithms.



  • Cost-efficient implementation of your research projects
  • Suitable data for your research projects on demand
  • Easy access to data from all over the world
  • High diversity of data
  • Primary and secondary data
  • Speed
  • API connection
  • A personal contact person and adviser
  • Managed Service as well as Self service optionen

Order Specifications

We will be happy to process your order in the area of “Data service for research and development” within the scope of our Managed services. In order to assess your project correctly and to be able to advise you in the best possible way, please provide us with some information when making an inquiry or placing an order:

  • What kind of data do you need?
  • What amount of data do you need?
  • Which target group (e.g. country, gender, age, language) will be involved in your project?
  • Do you want the data to be further processed or analyzed?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • In which format do you want the data to be delivered?
  • Will you need an API connection?

What our Customers say about us

As a university, we have conducted several surveys for various research purposes via clickworker in Self Service. This allows different members of our staff to access the university account at clickworker and receive data very quickly for their respective research projects without putting too much strain on our finances. We are very satisfied with the service and — thanks to some additional built-in attention checks in the surveys — we have always received very good and useful data.

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Case Studies

The following case studies illustrate our solutions for the extraction of data for research & development: