Search Relevance
Evaluation Service

A website’s search algorithm should understand the context of the user’s queries. The results should be accurate, as users expect precision and a seamless search experience. Our search relevance evaluation service helps you train and improve your algorithms by feeding them data so they perform the way you need them to.

Search relevance evaluation service

Search relevance evaluation service by clickworker

Training your algorithms to perform the way humans think isn’t easy. This task often requires a human’s touch in order to do it right. That’s where clickworker comes in. With over 6 million Clickworkers ready to help, this service is offered globally, in multiple languages, and is guaranteed to create the best user experience. Contact us today and we’ll show you how the human touch can help you get more value out of your search algorithms.Fwith over

Search relevance evaluation service

Potential applications for our search relevance evaluation service:

  • Evaluation of search function results when searching for:
    • products
    • Services
    • travel offers
    • specialist answers and tips
    • companies, organizations, and institutions
    • job offers
  • Evaluation of search engine results

Key Benefits

  • Increase overall search function or engine quality
  • Improve user satisfaction
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Quickly evaluate thousands of search results
  • Scalable throughput
  • Access to a flexible work force
  • Quality-assured results
  • API connection
Search relevance evaluation service

clickworker search relevance evaluation service: top performance to push your e-business forward

You need intelligent search functions that work for your e-business. If your business showcases a high quantity of products, services, and/or other meaningful information, it is important to create the best search experience for users to ensure that they will find what is relevant to them. If your visitors struggle to find what they need, they will leave your website and do business elsewhere, increasing your bounce rate and reducing customer satisfaction in the process.

In order to provide your visitors with an ideal user experience and help them find what they are looking for, your search function has to be more than just that – it needs to be an organized database of everything that makes your website what it is. This means that your search results have to pair with specific search inquiries, as well as cater to customer and user expectations. The easiest way to accomplish this is through our search relevance service.

Our large network of Clickworkers examines the results of search inquiries made through your website’s search function and evaluate them according to their relevance regarding the given search term. When you use our search relevance service, you gain access to a dedicated team of thousands of Clickworkers located all throughout the world. We offer multi-language support and evaluate the results according to their local reference as well as their actual or subjective relevance.

The data and insights you gain with our service greatly improve your search results when paired with the algorithms that power your search function. We provide valuable insights using our large team of Clickworkers to identify and create a more fluid intelligent search experience that corresponds to the expectations of your users.

Create a search function designed for humans.

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Managed Service
Search relevance evaluation

We take care of the entire process of your project in order to improve the relevance of your search results with the support of our Clickworkers. We discuss the project with you, set it up, divide it into small, individual jobs, and offer these tasks to qualified Clickworkers for completion. After consulting with you, we implement appropriate quality assurance measures and pay the Clickworkers for you.

Please contact a member of our sales team if you are interested in our search relevance services. You will be assigned a personal adviser and main contact who will be happy to explain everything you need to know about it.

Search relevance evaluation service

How it works:

  • You contact us to discuss your individual project regarding an evaluation of the search relevance of your search function or results.
  • We set up the project online, test it, separate it into smaller tasks, and make these available to Clickworkers who are qualified to work on your project.
  • Our Clickworkers will check the current search results provided by you, evaluate them based on the criteria with which you have supplied us, and provide you with data that you can use to train your search algorithms.
  • If requested, all classifications/evaluations will be checked by a second Clickworker to ensure correct results.
  • The verified results will be sent to you by your assigned project manager in an Excel sheet by e-mail or directly via an API connection at the requested intervals.
Contact our Sales +1 (212) 878-6686 +49 201 95971830

Order Specifications

In order to provide the best possible advice regarding our search relevance services, we will need the following information from you:

  • What language will you need the Clickworkers to work in?
  • According to what specific criteria do you want the search results to be evaluated?
  • From which subject areas do the search results you want to have evaluated come?
  • How many search results do you want to have evaluated (order volume)?
  • Do you have any specific quality requirements for the project?
  • Will you need an API connection?

What our Customers say about us

The “human factor” was missing in our programming. The search results were logical, but often did not meet the expectations of our users. They lacked local references and other human characteristics. The Clickworker team not only replaced the missing factor, but they immensely improved our search algorithm. Using their common sense, they evaluated nearly 4,000 search results daily, and provided me with valuable specifications for the optimization of our search engine algorithm.


Case Study

Check out a case study we completed to better illustrate the effectiveness of our “Search Relevance Evaluation” services.

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Search Relevance – FAQ

What is search relevance?

Search relevance measures how true the results of a search are in comparison to the search query. Search results can be “tuned” by considering business priorities, spelling, user location, language, and through the use of specific keywords. Relevance requires an understanding of the customer, as eCommerce consumers are different from researchers and academics. Optimizing search relevance can help improve the conversion rate for businesses as well as the overall customer experience.

How do you measure search relevance?

With a web search engine, relevance is measured in two ways. Precision measures the portion of the results returned that are relevant to the query, while Recall counts the number of relevant results returned. To calculate “the whole truth” requires a Precision of 1. Similarly, to make sure that you’re only counting “nothing but the truth” would mean that Recall also measures a 1.

How can search relevance be improved?

Improving search relevance requires the use of massive datasets. These datasets need to be correctly labelled and tagged when input and recategorized at output if necessary. Using human annotators that are skilled in the unique requirements of the project and have fluency in the native language is essential. By running the data through the algorithm multiple times, the search engine can be taught to provide better and more relevant results.

Why is search relevance so important?

The internet today hosts hundreds of millions of web pages and websites. Finding exactly what you are looking for in this massive (and growing) pile of information would be next to impossible without search engines. Search engines help to categorize websites based on their content helping individuals find the information they need based on the relevance of the site. Different search engines use different weighting strategies in their algorithms, but they all consider keywords and the number and quality of links from other sites.