Clickworker’s Sentiment Analysis tool helps you better understand your customer’s emotions, opinions, and attitudes

Leverage our 4.5M strong crowd to understand your customer’s sentiment, queries, and intent.

See how Clickworker sentiment analysis tool can help you uncover more about your customers.

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Features and Benefits

We help you understand your customer’s needs so that you can optimize customer engagements, products, services, and brand.

  • Know Your Customer

    Understand your customer’s needs by analyzing their engagements, product and service reviews, customer feedback, survey responses, social media conversations, and much more.
  • Improve your Customer Experience

    Discover how customers are feeling at each stage of the customer journey, analyze sentiment changes, and proactively engage to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Optimize your training data

    Create optimal AI and ML training data using native speakers that understand specific geographical, cultural, and language peculiarities.
  • Measure Performance of Marketing Campaigns

    Analyze sentiment shifts for target audiences, marketing campaigns, and social media channels.

Why Choose Clickworker?

Most Trusted

  • Over 1 million customer projects completed
  • Trusted by 3 of the top 5 leading tech companies

Most Diverse

  • Active global crowd of >4.5M Clickworkers and growing rapidly each month
  • Sentiment analysis performed in 45 languages by native speakers, with deep understanding of regional terms, nuances, phrases and idioms

World Class Sentiment Analysis

  • Fully featured mobile app
  • Wide range of effective sentiment, query and intent analysis services

World Class Quality & Security

  • Advanced and automated quality assurance processes
  • Compliance to international legal and data protection standards including ISO 27001 and 100% GDPR compliance

What our Customers say about our service “Sentiment Analysis”

We wanted to gather market sentiment and opinions about our newly launched vacuum cleaner as quickly as possible, to avert any possible dissatisfaction with the core product, as well as the extra services we offer. The Clickworkers did an outstanding job and evaluated all of our online feedback very quickly and according to our specifications. Thanks to the analysis data, we were able to act promptly and adapted our product with minor effort, to meet the needs of our customers.

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About clickworker

With millions of crowd workers (known as “Clickworkers”) on our team, we leverage the expertise and knowledge of our crowd to deliver fast, efficient results for your company.

Our Clickworkers are independent contractors who enjoy the freedom and flexibility that they get from crowd working. They typically use their own devices, a standard web browser, and tools like our App, to complete tasks on a piece rate basis. Most of these micro-tasks are part of a larger, more complex, project. Tasks are managed, quality checked, and reported with the help of our clickworker technology, tools and services.

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