Sentiment Analysis

Together with our large crowd of Clickworkers, we provide prompt evaluation of your sentiment analysis data. Whether texts, videos or audio files, all the files are carefully examined, evaluated and categorized according to the criteria specified by you. The quality of the results is ensured by means of our reliable “majority decision” quality method.

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Fields of application

  • Sentiment analysis of product reviews
  • Sentiment analysis of service reviews
  • Sentiment analysis data as training data for machine learning
  • Social media monitoring, for example:
    • Analysis of tweets
    • Analysis of Facebook entries
    • Analysis of blog comments
    • Analysis of entries in forums
  • Sentiment analysis of customer meetings


  • Speed – quick evaluation of large data volumes
  • Correct identification of moods in an overall content-related, context, based on human intelligence
  • Quality assured results
  • Managed service
  • Scalable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • API connection

Sentiment Analysis

Retailers, producers and numerous R&D service area project managers greatly value the information they obtain about consumers. Our sentiment analysis service provides you with these data in significant quantities, promptly, quality assured and well structured.

Our global crowd of over 1 million Clickworkers examines and analyzes unstructured data for you, for example texts, pictures, videos and audio files you want to draw on to identify and extract consumer information. The data are assigned to predefined categories and evaluated according to your requests and questions.

Sentiment Analysis

Sample task view for our Clickworkers

You can quickly obtain information about customers from tweets, blog posts, comments and many other entries and consumer traces on the Web, for instance customer opinions about certain products, brands, services, campaigns or topics.
With our sentiment analysis service, you can quickly identify reactions to new products and react to them accordingly. This service also makes it easier to identify quality problems, as well as picking up on market moods and trends that are vital for the success of your marketing campaign and the planned introduction of a new product.

Because our sentiment analysis service is performed by human beings, we provide a high level of quality and can identify the sentiments/moods based on their contextual meaning rather than on individual words. Sarcasm and spelling errors are identified and correctly evaluated. The benefits of our sentiment analysis as compared to automated tools also make the service interesting for the R&D of artificial intelligence systems. The sentiment results can be used as training data for machine learning to increase the intelligence of the systems.

To make sure that you only obtain correct sentiment analysis results, we also ensure the quality by means of our reliable quality method, the “majority decision”.

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Direct quote

“We wanted to gather market moods and opinions about our newly launched vacuum cleaner as quickly as possible, to avert any possible dissatisfaction with the core product as well as the extra services. The Clickworkers did an outstanding job and evaluated all of our online feedback very quickly and according to our specifications. Thanks to the analysis data, we were able to act promptly and adapted our product with minor effort, to meet the customers’ needs.”

Lee Min, project manager for an international electronics corporation,
about the service “Sentiment Analysis” by clickworker

Sentiment Analysis

You can place your sentiment analysis orders directly on our marketplace, and you can customize your orders to meet your demands: from the design of the briefing, to the option of preparing and showing various kinds of order data to the Clickworkers.
3 – 5 Clickworkers process every task in your order. The correctness of the results is ensured by means of majority decision. During the order process, you define whether a majority decision is already achieved with two or only after three concordant results.

Price: Sum of the Clickworker fees as specified by you for concordant results + 40% service fee + VAT.

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This is how it works

  1. Define the title of the order and briefing
  2. Define the number of results that must concord to ensure the quality, as well as the Clickworker fee per correct result
  3. Specify the participation criteria (according to age, gender and country)
  4. Enter the order data or upload data as Excel or CSV files
  5. Top up the prepaid account and send off the order

Managed Service
Sentiment Analysis

When your order our sentiment analysis in managed service, we handle the entire process for you. We discuss the order with you, advise you with regard to the options, and set up the project for you. Your project is automatically divided into small jobs and will only be offered to qualified Clickworkers; they will view your data, categorize and evaluate them according to your specifications. If necessary, after consulting with you, we deploy, in addition to quality assurance via majority decision, further safeguards. As a last point, we can also prepare the data results individually for you, and make the payments to the Clickworkers.

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Your personal advisor and contact person looks forward to dealing with your request and will gladly inform you about our sentiment analysis service.

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Order specifications

In order to provide the best possible advice regarding an inquiry or order of our “Sentiment Analysis” service, we will need the following basic information:

  • What data contains the information you want to categorize or evaluate?
  • In which languages are the data available?
  • How large are the data (for example videos: What is the length of the video that is supposed to be sifted through?)
  • How many sentiments will be evaluated per file?
  • What are the quality requirements – how many replies must be concordant to ensure the correctness of the results via majority decision?
  • Will you need an API connection?

This is how it works

  1. Contact us and discuss your individual sentiment analysis project with us.
  2. We draw up the project, divide it into individual micro-tasks and put it on our secure Internet platform, where the sentiment analysis tasks/jobs can be accessed by qualified Clickworkers for processing.
  3. Our Clickworkers view your sentiment analysis files. The content will be evaluated and categorized according to your specified criteria.
  4. 3-5 Clickworkers will handle all evaluations / categorizations and the quality of the results will be ensured via the “majority decision” method.
  5. All of the safeguarded results will be transferred to you at the time intervals requested as an Excel sheet via email, or directly via an API connection.

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Our “Sentiment Analysis” solution can be effectively combined and enhanced with many of our other services and solutions.

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You can use our “surveys” service to obtain information about consumer behavior as well as consumer opinions directly via surveys. Our crowd is ready to assist you as panel respondents.

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Training data for machine learning & AT

In addition to the “Sentiment analysis” service, this service can also provide you with more training data to train your AI systems. Our Clickworkers create training data, including voice recordings, photos, texts or videos to train your AI systems. Furthermore, freely available data can be obtained on the Internet or collected and compiled on the go/mobile with an app via smartphone.

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