SEO Texts / Unique Content

SEO Texts / Unique Content

Our international pool of qualified Clickworkers develops search optimized texts (unique content) in a variety of languages to help your key customers find you online and to ensure you rank high above the competition.

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SEO Texts / Unique Content

Areas of Application


  • Realize top-notch search engine ranking for your website/online store
  • Speed; prompt creation of large quantities of text
  • Text(s) available in a multitude of languages; controlled environment ensures uniformity
  • Integration of best practices in language localization
  • Quality-assurance guaranteed
  • Cost-effective solution
  • One-stop managed service
  • Scalable throughout
  • Flexible workforce
SEO Texts / Unique Content Benefits

SEO Texts / Unique Content
by clickworker

Is your business struggling with generating the kind of traffic to your website that demonstrates you have truly connected with your target audience? Online users rely heavily on search engines to guide them through the web in search of the right products and services to satisfy their needs. Consequently, brands need to safeguard that their website is optimized with the most relevant terms or keywords to help organically position them to the top of search engine results.

Individual, unique texts which are developed to perform well online are created by qualified Clickworkers to help you achieve that goal; you supply the keyword locators, and they incorporate them into the text with your desired frequency.

Because our pool of writers hails from 136 different countries, SEO-enhanced texts are available in a multitude of languages to accommodate your international needs. All texts are checked to guarantee alignment with your predetermined criteria, as well for plagiarism, spelling, grammar, style, text length, and keyword density. Enhance the value of your website and appeal to your most respected customers – as well as the world’s most popular search engines – by utilizing our SEO Text service to support you.

SEO Texts / Unique Content by clickworker

Self Service
SEO Texts / Unique Content

Use our Self-Service Marketplace to place your text development orders. This service is specifically designed for smaller or more standardized tasks. No setup fees are required with our self-service plan.

Self Service SEO Texts / Unique Content

How it works:

  • You specify the text category, language, length and quality requirements needed.
  • Select a team of authors and develop text creation instructions. Tips to create a briefing
  • Include text topics, keywords, and keyword density requirements on the task form or upload this data separately via an excel file.
  • If necessary, you can edit the task form for the authors individually.
  • Charge credit to your account and submit your order.
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Managed Service
SEO Texts / Unique Content

As a full-service provider, we can tap into a wealth of crowdsourcing solutions to accommodate your varied needs thanks to a process that is systematic, structured and designed to ensure the best possible outcomes. We work with you to define your project requirements and to understand the available options, divide up the project into micro-tasks and source the appropriate pool of Clickworkers to execute, review the final results to ensure quality and manage all aspects related to payment, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience.

Get in touch with our service team. Your personal adviser and contact person will be delighted to handle your request and advise you!

Self Service SEO Texts / Unique Content

How it works:

  • Contact our service team where you will be connected with a project administrator to discuss and advise your project needs.
  • Your project is set up by us, divided into microtasks and made available to qualified Clickworkers via our platform.
  • Our authors will develop the search engine optimized texts according to your specifications.
  • When requested, a qualified editor is available to check all texts for spelling, grammar, and content errors.
  • All texts are made accessible to you after quality-control checks that include plagiarism, correct keyword density, and text length.
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Order Specifications

We require access to the the following information to ensure the best guidance/service with
respect to your inquiries or when placing an order for our SEO Texts services:

  • In which language(s) do you require your text(s)?
  • What is the volume of the data involved?
  • What category sector(s) do the texts fall within?
  • What are the expectations with regards to text style and length?
  • Are subheadings needed?
  • What expectations do you have with regards to text quality?
  • What are the relevant keywords and their density expectations within the text?
  • What text format is needed? Are special characters, html, or other types of formats mandated?
  • Will you need an API connection?

A customer of Clickworker says of the decision to utilize our SEO Text service

Our decision to go with Clickworker was a quick and easy one because the process is unbelievably simple and carried out with a high-level of efficiency. Of particular note was the superior quality of the text(s) which truly convinced us we made the right choice.


Case Studies

To better illustrate our SEO Texts solution, read here how our pool of Clickworkers provided online business directory with individualized and unique content to support their classified advertising service.

More One-Stop Service

Our SEO Texts solutions can be combined with other products in our portfolio to add even further value to your content:


Our API technology enables the seamless transfer of SEO Texts into your systems.

Categorization & Tagging

This service can help you classify your texts into appropriate categories and tag the related images and videos to the content. This optimizes every web pages for internal and external search engines and functions.

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Our Mobile Crowdsourcing service offers appropriate images to compliment your SEO Texts. For example, for the travel/hospitality sector, photos of “must see” attractions and points of interest can augment the descriptive text of key destinations. Visuals of this nature can strengthen the value of your website to your customers, enriches its overall design, and further optimizes it for search engines.