Accurate Information and Directory Services Solutions

We supply the know-how, manpower and intelligence of our international crowd, combined with our full project realization service, to ensure your success as a provider of print and online information and directory services.

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Save time and money with our precise manual research service

Directory services and the use of information are constantly being relocated into the online sector. Users expect accurate, up-to-the-minute data.
For information and directory service providers, this trend signifies considerable effort and regular peak loads. This is in addition to the production of print products while binding important resources. Data that meets a user’s high demands in terms of quality requires continuous maintenance and verification.
With over 2.8 million Clickworkers, we can more effectively help you update, verify, and enhance your databases with accurate information. We can also help to increase your visitor totals by supplying you with search engine optimized texts that are designed to rank higher on Google and other search engines.

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  • Effective research, validation, or enrichment of any number of address data
  • Updated and improved data
  • Results are researched and checked manually
  • Reliable data is researched internationally by selected native speakers
  • Top search engine ranking for your web content
  • Increased visitor totals for your website
  • Quality-assured results
  • Cost benefits
  • Managed service
  • Scalable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • API connection

clickworker – your solution for information and directory services

clickworker helps you complete your data research and validation, enhancement, and to create optimized web content for your business. We offer several services that are designed to improve the user experience, accuracy, and usability of your website.
These services include:

Data research on the Web or on-site:
Web Research
Mobile Crowdsourcing
Search Engine Optimized Text Creation:
Company Profiles

Data research on the Web or on-site

Web Research

Information and directory services rely on the scope, topics, and the accuracy of the data they offer. Your users expect the information they receive to be accurate and high-quality, especially when they have been purchased for sales or marketing purposes.
The success of a sales or marketing campaign relies on the quality of the address data. Providers and directory services are continuously required to keep extensive amounts of data up-to-date, while enhancing it with additional useful information.
The very latest and current data is generally accessible on a company’s website. But collecting all these pieces of information can be a challenge if you don’t have the right resources.

With over 2.2 million Clickworkers, we can help you collect the information you need. Here are several research services that we offer:

  • Email address research or verification
  • Research or verification of postal addresses
  • Research or verification of contact persons (management, department manager, etc.)
  • Research of branch office addresses
  • Research of individual company URLs
  • Research of opening hours
  • Research of prices
  • Research of range of offers
  • Search for suppliers (URLs) of specific products or services

Qualified Clickworkers can easily search for all of these things and more: Your Clickworkers will correct inaccurate data, update outdated data, mark non-existent data, and enter new information that is obtained. Thanks to the enormous size of our Clickworker crowd, a large number of data can be obtained at record pace.
To ensure the quality of the data, the information will only be collected by Clickworkers with the relevant native language. You can also request that any data be collected several times so that results can be compared for verification.

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Mobile Crowdsourcing

You can’t afford to rely on outdated data found on the Internet. If you want to avoid this problem and verify your data, our mobile crowdsourcing service is the right choice for you.
It can be difficult to verify all of this information by yourself. Whether it be a lack of resources, or the amount of data information offered by directory services – it’s nearly impossible to complete all of this research on your own.

We can perform these tasks for you. Take advantage of our large pool of talented Clickworkers located across the world. Here’s what we can help you with:

  • Verifying addresses, company headquarters, and geographic coordinates
  • Hours of operation for businesses
  • Pictures of stores and buildings
  • Pictures of venues and restaurants
  • Pictures of menus
  • Pictures of storefronts

Clickworkers verify all of these results using their smartphones and our specialized crowdsourcing app. They can search for the data you request on-site in the largest European and US cities.
This way, you are able to upload additional photos that will enhance your data sets (like outdoor views and other features) to make them more descriptive, less monotonous, and improve the search engine optimization of your website.

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Search Engine Optimized Text Creation

Company Profiles

You can increase the value of your up-to-date and verified data sets that have been enhanced with data and facts through the use of relevant text.
Using the data you provide, users will also be informed about the company, the organization itself, or the association of the relevant address. Users and search engines such as Google place a high value on this information. Combined with search engine optimized text, it will help you increase your search ranking and visibility.

clickworker can help you create high-quality search engine optimized texts. Thousands of high quality SEO texts can be created in a short period of time thanks to our large crowd of qualified content writers. Here are a few examples of the SEO texts we offer:

  • Company profiles
  • Industry-related information
  • Category texts
  • Expert advice texts
  • Specialized glossaries

Qualified Clickworkers will write high-quality texts in numerous languages, in whatever sectors required that correspond to your selection of data. The texts are written by native speakers only, and will include relevant keywords and tags based on your specifications. All texts are subjected to a spelling, grammar, and plagiarism check.

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Self Service

You can use our self-service marketplace to place your content writing and text creation orders. This service is specially designed for smaller or standardized tasks. There are no setup fees for the wide-ranging project creation and specification.

How it works

  • You specify the text category, language, length, and quality required
  • You select a team of content writers and provide them with your instructions.
    Tips to create a briefing
  • Before the project starts, you insert topics, keywords, and the required keyword density
  • This can also be uploaded as an excel file
  • If needed, you can edit individual task forms for each content writer
  • You add credit to your account and submit your order
  • Order Company Profiles

Managed Service for Information and Directory Services

All of the solutions mentioned here can be found on the Solutions page of our website.
If you require a service that isn’t listed here, please contact us directly.

We are a full-service provider and offer numerous crowdsourcing solutions for the entire order process.
We discuss the order with you, explain the different options available, draft the project, divide it into microtasks, offer these tasks to qualified Clickworkers, provide quality-assurance, and make the payments to the Clickworkers you hire.

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