Store Checks / PoS Checks

– Comprehensive Control of Your Points of Sale Using the Crowd –

Is everything at your Points of Sale being implemented according to your wishes, and are your products optimally presented? Gain certainty and have us efficiently conduct Store Checks for you.
With the help of our global crowd and an app, we collect and analyze all the data you need to control and optimize your PoS activities and gain customer insights – quickly and comprehensively.

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Store Checks, Photo Documentation from PoS and Analyses

Store Checks – Photo Capture, Documentation and Analysis

With the help of our crowd, we provide you with all the important information from the Point of Sale, enabling you to control, steer, and optimize your PoS actions.
Over 6 million so-called Clickworkers are ready to check the presentation of your products and the execution of your PoS actions on-site and document them through photographs.

The information gathered rapidly from the Retail Store Checks can also be evaluated and analyzed upon request.

PoS Check of Shelf Placements and Availability

Control of Shelf Placements and Availability

You will receive information about where the shelves with your products are located in the sales area, on which shelf levels your products have been sorted, the quantity of your goods available here, and how the competitors’ products are positioned.

Promotion Check

Promotion Check – Control of Marketing Materials and Campaigns

The correct use of your marketing materials and the execution of actions such as promotional stands, ceiling hangers, samples, product videos, promotional prices, promotional stands, etc., are monitored and documented.

Analysis / Evaluation of the Documentation and Reporting

Store Check – Analysis & Evaluation of the Documentation

The photos taken at the PoS to document your PoS presence are marked with electronic image markers. Through a workflow-based system, the required data are extracted from the image material and evaluated according to the KPIs you specified. The evaluation and all the obtained data are provided to you in an Excel file.
Upon request, we can set up a custom dashboard and reports in your online account on


Customer Insights

In addition to the information from Retail Store Checks, our crowd, acting as mystery shoppers, quickly provides you with valuable and meaningful insights on how your customers experience and rate your service and products.
Through surveys, you also gain important information about your target audience, their preferences, consumption behavior, and opinions on your products and services, as well as those of competitors.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

As part of our Retail Store Checks, we also offer Mystery Shopping, where our Clickworkers act undercover as potential customers to test your products or services. They experience the purchasing process from a customer’s perspective, providing you with unique insights into customer experience. Specific sections of the purchase process that you specify are documented and evaluated in detail.

Customer Surveys


Select our Clickworkers according to the characteristics of your target group and survey them as potential customers about their consumption behavior and opinions on products through an online survey.

PoS Check Tasks in the Clickworker App

The Clickworker App, available for Android and iOS, is specifically designed to enable Clickworkers to participate in Store Checks and Mystery Shopping tasks in their vicinity.

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Through the app, our Clickworkers can easily and quickly find the nearest location for such tasks. This allows them to visit stores without much effort and complete the tasks you need, such as photographing shelves and promotional stands or conducting Mystery Shopping.

Benefits of Store Checks via clickworker

Benefits of Conducting Retail Store Checks with Clickworker

  • Revenue Maximization
    at the Point of Sale through optimization based on Store Checks results
  • Comprehensive Control
    of your Points of Sale through Store Checks by our widespread crowd
  • Control and Analysis Data
    from Store Checks in full-service from a single source
  • Up-to-date Customer Insights
    from PoS Checks, Mystery Shopping, and Surveys
  • Reliable Market Data
  • Regional, national, or international Reach
  • Cost Advantage
    due to the efficient execution of Store Checks via crowdsourcing
  • Speed
    through parallel PoS Checks
  • API Integration:
    Incorporation of Store Check data into your system
  • A personal contact and support
  • Managed-Service as well as Self-Service Options

Store Checks – Project Specifications

With the goal of providing you with the best possible service related to all work done within our Retail Store Checks solution portfolio, we require the following:

  • What type of information should be obtained and verified through Store Checks?
  • How many PoS should be visited?
  • In what geographic area should PoS Checks be conducted?
  • In what form should the Store Checks take place?
  • Is Mystery Shopping also desired?
  • In what form should the documentation be done?
    (Photos, brief written documentation, ratings, answering questions in the form of a survey)
  • Should the gathered data be evaluated and analyzed?
  • What are the quality requirements?
  • Is API integration desired?

What Our Customers Say

Assigning clickworker with the documentation and analysis of our product placements is the most efficient way for us to control our PoS actions. Store Checks by our field staff were not as comprehensive, fast, and cost-effective.

Case Studies on Store Checks

To illustrate our solution Store Checks, here is a practical case study.


For more detailed information about our service Store Checks, please refer to our brochure

Even More Service from a Single Source

Our Store Checks solution can be usefully combined and expanded with other solutions and services we offer.

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

Through this service, you can have search engine optimized texts written, with or without AI support, in numerous languages for your individual products.

Categorizing & Tagging Products

Categorizing & Tagging Products

With our “Categorizing & Tagging Products” service, you can have your products and services categorized and tagged. This optimizes all offers for internal and external search engines, making them easily findable.

Image & Video Tagging

Image & Video Tagging

With our “Image & Video Tagging” service, you can have your used images, videos, and other files tagged with search terms. This way, they can also be found by entering the corresponding terms in the search field.

Store Checks – FAQ

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Store Checks and clickworker’s Store Check solutions. For further questions, our Service Team is at your disposal.

What is a Store Check?

A Store Check is a method where a person visits a store and evaluates the situation there based on a checklist to verify hard facts such as adherence to corporate identity, appearance, product presentation, and other aspects.

Why are Store Checks important?

Store Checks offer objective insights into the presentation and operational climate of a business, adherence to agreements with manufacturers, and help in optimizing the customer experience.

Store Checks are especially useful for manufacturers who have agreed on certain product presentations with retailers, to control adherence to these agreements.

What aspects are checked during a Store Check?

Aspects that can be checked include adherence to corporate identity, appearance at the point of sale, product presentation, signage, pricing, stocking, cleanliness, lighting, room temperature, staff numbers, and service quality.

How can crowdsourcing be used for Store Checks?

Crowdsourcing allows for recruiting a large number of individuals to perform Store Checks in various stores. This can lead to broader geographical coverage and a variety of perspectives. Participants, often regular customers, use mobile apps or online platforms to share their observations and ratings. This approach can be cost-effective and enables timely and extensive data for the analysis of store operations and customer experience.