Survey participants for online surveys

Our self-service marketplace provides a quick and easy way of addressing and obtaining target-group specific participants from our crowd of Clickworkers for your surveys. To order surveys simply fill out the order form on the marketplace.


survey participants

How it works:

Create your online survey with an external survey tool and enter the survey URL in our order form. Alternatively you have the option to create the survey itself within the order process on our marketplace. On the order form, you can now decide how many participants you require and who will be allowed to take part. You can restrict the participants according to:

  • Age,
  • Gender,
  • Country,
  • Native Language,
  • Interests,
  • Skills,
  • Devices (Desktop, Android, iOS) or
  • predefined teams.
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Prices for the recruitment of survey participants in an online survey

You decide how high the fee for each survey participant will be. However, the minimum fee is 10 euro cent.
The end price of your order is made up from the fees for the survey participants x 1.4 (40% service fee) + VAT

Fee recommendations for participation in online surveys

Please keep a fair payment in mind when you determine the fee.
When calculating the fee per participant we recommend to consider at least the country-specific minimum wage.

There are no statutory country-specific minimum wages in the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Please keep the respective wage level of the country in mind when determining your fee. This can be approximately 2 to 3 times as high as the minimum wage in Germany.

Example: Minimum fee per participant from Germany

Per minute that a survey participant from Germany (Minimum wage Euro 9.50; as of Jan. 2021) on average spends to respond to your survey in full and read through the survey instructions, would amount to the following minimum fee:

Min. payment fee/ParticipantDuration of the survey
0,16 €1 Min.
0,79 €5 Min.
1,58 €10 Min.
2,38 €15 Min.
3,16 €20 Min.
3,96 €25 Min.
4,75 €30 Min.

Do you need a large number of completed online surveys within a few days?
The faster you need the answers the higher you ought to set the fee. Well-paid jobs are obviously very sought after!

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If recruiting survey participants through our self-service marketplace is not the right solution for you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer advisor. We’d be happy to create customized surveys for you and control participation in the survey to meet your specifications.

Contact our sales team +49 (0)201 959718-0