Our international and 1.3 million strong crowd of Clickworkers will help you conduct representative surveys quickly to obtain relevant and informative data about your target group. Members of our crowd belonging to your target audience will be invited to participate in the survey.

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  • Kiveda
  • TennisPoint
  • WeFi
  • Honda
  • Sharewise

Fields of application

  • Consumer buying behavior surveys
  • Opinion and attitude surveys
  • Consumer demand surveys
  • Background motivation surveys
  • Trend indicator surveys
  • Obtaining feedback about design and usability of websites
  • Obtaining feedback about testability of online programs and apps
  • Feedback about product ideas


  • Prompt provision of target audience specific survey participants
  • Target group specification options
  • Possibility to allocate individual survey links for each participant
  • High response quota
  • Prompt response
  • Easy acquisition of relevant market data
  • Cost benefits
  • Scalable throughput


Market research data are very important for the relevance with regard to product and service planning and for the selection of target markets for all types of companies. By collecting sufficient market data you gain a precise picture of the target market, the target customer and the competition, and reduce the risks of one’s own decisions. In order to obtain prompt and reliable information about your target group, we offer access to thousands of possible survey participants from our crowd.

Thousands of Clickworkers from over 136 countries are at your disposal to respond to your surveys. Based on your specifications we segment our crowd according to demographic characteristics and activate your online survey so that it can only be accessed by Clickworkers who match your target group. By using our crowd and our services for your survey you obtain relevant information about your target group quickly and with little effort as well as representative survey results.

We can also create the survey on our own online platform if you wish. We rule out multiple votes to ensure that your results are not distorted.

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Direct quote

“We conducted our survey on ‘Hotel room facilities’ with clickworker. We would not have been able to achieve such a quick and high response rate if we had used our own organizations.”

Marie J., sales manager of an international hotel chain.

Case Study

To exemplify our “Survey” solution we have provided two case studies here:

1. “University Potsdam“

Show Case Study


2. “University research study“

Self-Service Surveys

You can also place your survey orders on our marketplace yourself. This service is suitable for surveys that have been created by an external source and for which you only need to provide us with a link for the survey participants. But, in addition, you have the option to create the survey itself within the order process on our marketplace.

Price: Sum of fees for the participants determined by yourself + 40% service fee + VAT.

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This is how it works

  1. Enter the title and the description of your order,
  2. determine the basic information regarding the target audience of the survey (you can define the target group according to demographic data or created teams) as well as the fee per participant,
  3. insert the link to the survey and the desired number of participants or upload these data via CSV file,
  4. top up your prepaid account and send off the order.

Managed Service Surveys

As a full-service provider we offer a wide range of crowdsourcing solutions and services and handle the entire order process for larger survey projects. We discuss the order with you, advise you with regard to the options, prepare the project, and if required, the survey also. These surveys are only offered to Clickworkers who match the target audience of the survey. Furthermore, we arrange for the payment of the Clickworkers for you.

Get in touch with our service team. Your personal adviser and contact person will be delighted to handle your request and advise you!

Contact our sales team +49 201 9597180 +1 415 6897781

Order specifications

In order to provide the best possible advice regarding an inquiry or order of our “Surveys” services, we will need the following basic information:

  • In what languages will the survey be conducted?
  • Which Clickworkers will be questioned (target audience specifications)?
  • How many Clickworkers will take part in the survey?
  • What topics will the survey cover?
  • How long will the survey be online / how many responses are needed?
  • How many questions will your survey include?
  • How long will it take to complete the survey (in minutes)?
  • Will you provide a link to the survey with a final code or will the survey be prepared and hosted by us?

This is how it works

  1. Contact us and discuss your individual survey project with us.
  2. Simply send us a link to your survey with a distinct code per survey participant at the end. Or send us your questions and we will put the questionnaire directly on our online platform for you.
  3. The survey project with your link or the questionnaire we have prepared will only be activated for Clickworkers who match your target audience.
  4. The participating Clickworkers will complete your questionnaire and return it.
  5. Every Clickworker can only complete and return the questionnaire once. We pay the Clickworkers per completed participation in the survey.

More one-stop service

Our “Surveys” solution can also be combined and expanded with other solutions and services:

Competitor Research

Our “Competitor Research” service can use the information obtained in the survey to give you additional market data on your target audience. In order for you to reach a comprehensive understanding of your market, our Clickworkers will search the Web for competitor information relevant to you.

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Address Enrichment & Validation

With this service you can update your current address data and enhance it with valuable information.

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Mobile Crowdsourcing

Our “Mobile Crowdsourcing” service enables you to gather data on-site. Our Clickworkers use their smartphones to collect information in all larger cities, or take pictures of restaurants and shop windows.

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