Survey Participants
for Online Surveys

Feedback and consumer information are crucial to the success of any business. Our survey service helps you collect the information you need. With over 6 million Clickworkers, we can provide you with valuable feedback about your products and services, as well as information about your target group, consumers and their behavior.

Survey Participants for Online Surveys

Self Service

Recruiting survey participants

Find survey participants – How it works

In order to find survey participants in a quick and easy way, you can create a “survey order” using the clickworker marketplace. This is the perfect option if you want to quickly conduct online surveys created via an external survey tool. You only need to provide a survey link for the participants in the clickworker marketplace to have them take part.

Recruiting survey participants self-service

Order placement via our marketplace works this simple:

  1. Create a customer account in our self-service marketplace
  2. Click on „New Order“ / “Order Survey“ and select the desired survey type (“Survey -using an external survey tool”)
  3. Enter your order title, the survey URL, number of survey participants, fee per survey participant as well as a confirmation code determined by you
  4. Define your survey target group / segment participants
  5. Provide a short briefing for your survey participants and set the expiring date for the survey order
  6. Charge your prepaid account and complete the order via „Submit Order Now“

Prices for the recruitment of survey participants

You decide how high the fee for each survey participant will be. The minimum fee is 10 eurocents.

recruitment of survey participants- prices

The end price for your order is made up as follows:

Sum of the fees for the survey participants
+ 40% service fee

Price calculator:
Total net = € 0.00

Please keep a fair payment in mind when determining the fee.

When calculating the fee per participant, we recommend considering at least the country-specific minimum wage.
There are no statutory country-specific minimum wages in the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Please keep the wage level of the respective country in mind when determining your fee. This can be approximately 2 to 3 times as high as the minimum wage in Germany.

Depending on the minutes an average survey participant from Germany (Minimum wage Euro 12.00; as of Oct. 2022) would spend to respond to your survey in full and read through the survey instructions, the minimum fee would amount to the following:

Min. payment fee/Participant
0.20 €
1.00 €
2.00 €
3.00 €
4.00 €
5.00 €
6.00 €
Duration of the survey
1 Min.
5 Min.
10 Min.
15 Min.
20 Min.
25 Min.
30 Min.

Do you need a large number of completed online surveys within a few days?

The faster you need answers, the higher your fee should be. Well-paid jobs are obviously very sought after!

Segmentation options for the recruitment of survey participants

find survey participants

You can filter survey participants according to:

Do these segmentation options not fit your survey project? Then contact our sales team to discuss options to process your project via Managed Service.

Exclusion of participants and the creation of survey panels

Our service to find and recruit survey participants is technically set up in a way so that each person can only participate once in the same online survey.

For follow-up surveys, you can create so-called teams / panels with survey participants of your previous orders / surveys which can then either be chosen or excluded during the order setup.

Managed Service

Recruiting survey participants

If recruiting survey participants through our self-service marketplace is not the right solution for you, please do not hesitate to contact our customer advisor. We’re happy to create customized surveys and control participation in order to meet your specifications.

find survey participants - use cases

Find Survey Participants – Use Cases

  • Determine consumer buying behavior
  • Track customer opinion and personality
  • Assess consumer demand
  • Analyze customer background and motivation
  • Check current trends
  • Evaluate the design and usability of your website
  • Collect feedback on new product ideas
  • Collect data for academic and scientific purposes such as bachelor’s or master’s theses
Find survey participants - advantages

Benefits and advantages of recruiting survey participants via clickworker

  • Quickly reach your target audience through our survey participants recruiting service
  • Multiple options to define your target group
  • Ability to allocate individual survey links for each survey participant
  • High response rate on online surveys
  • Fast responses by survey participants
  • Exclusion of multiple participations (automated)
  • Option to exclude or invite participants of previous studies
  • Seamlessly acquire relevant market data
  • Huge cost savings
  • Scalable throughput
  • Self Service and Managed Service

Find survey participants via clickworker

When it comes to product and service planning and selecting your target markets, you need the right market research data to make actionable choices. With the right research, you can pinpoint your market in advance by getting information about consumers and competitors as well as feedback about your products and services, reducing decision-making risks.

clickworker makes it easy for you to reach thousands of members of your target audience from all around the world. We can share your surveys with over 6 million Clickworkers in 136 different countries.

Based on your requirements, we can segment our crowd according to specific demographic characteristics. We’ll then create the online survey, so that it can only be completed by Clickworkers that fit the demographic of your target audience. Our survey service is designed in a way that you can obtain the relevant information about your target group as effortlessly as possible.

We even offer the option to create the survey for you using our online platform. Multiple votes are ruled out in order to guarantee high-quality results.

What our Customers say about us

We conducted our survey on ‘Hotel room facilities’ with clickworker. We would not have been able to achieve such a quick and high response rate if we had used our own organizations.

  • Digital Health Research Group - Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
  • market research respondents for TMobile
  • market research respondents for Kiveda
  • market research respondents for Elbit Systems
  • market research respondents for TennisPoint
  • market research respondents for WeFi

Case Studies

We’ve provided the following case studies to show you how our survey service works.

More one-stop services

Our online survey solution can easily be paired with the following services:

Competitor Research

Competitor Research

Our competitor web research service can use the information obtained in the survey to give you additional market data about your target audience. In order for you to reach a comprehensive understanding of your market, our Clickworkers will search the Web for competitor information that’s relevant to you.

Address Enrichment & Validation

Address Enrichment & Validation

Our Address Web Research Services allows you to update and enhance your current address data with valuable information.

Customer Insights from PoS

Customer Insights from PoS

Our Customer Insights from PoS service enables you to gather data on-site. Our Clickworkers use their smartphones to collect information in the store

Further information and links on the subject of online surveys and how to find survey participants

Survey Participants – FAQ

Can I also use the participants at clickworker for a study with a university background like a dissertation survey?

Many different people have registered with clickworker and will be happy to participate on your surveys. The participants can be used not only for commercial purposes, but also for a study with a university background, such as a diploma, promotion study, master thesis.

How to find survey or study participants for free

• Ask your own network like friends, students, family members and ask them to share your survey on social media
• Facebook survey exchange groups
• Online platforms
• Sponsors

How to select survey participants? / How to get survey participants?

Tips for identifying the right target group:
Target the right group.
Create Email campaigns and social media posts.
Use an online community platform.
Recruit from your panel.
Use the existing customers.

What is participant group in research? / What are research participants in qualitative research?

A research participant takes part in human subject research after giving informed consent to be the subject of the research. Participant groups can be clustered and have the same certain condition, medical history, or demographic property.

How do I create a good survey?

1- Keep it short and do not ask to many questions
2- Just ask one question at a time
3- Use yes/no questions
4- Ask questions which help to fulfill your end goal