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Writers wanted!

Are you someone who enjoys jotting things down and making notes about different topics? And have you always wanted to turn your hobby into a sideline?

We are looking for text writers who can create texts for us based on a template or about a predefined topic. These can include descriptions of cities, hotels, and software or fashion items. The variety of topics is limitless and always depends on the current job situation.

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How do I become a text writer on clickworker?

After signing in as a Clickworker, you will exhibit your writing talent by completing an author assessment test. Please note: The assessment cannot be repeated. Therefore, please complete the assessment only if you have enough time to address the test topics.

We then evaluate the assessment text and grade it according to quality, on a star scale of 2-5. The better your text, the higher your rating and your fee per word. Since quality is essential to us, you can later reach the highest quality rating level by submitting good work results.

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