Advisors & How-To Guides

Advice, Tips and How-To Guides for your Website

We offer you a worldwide network of qualified Clickworkers to write top-quality advice, tips, and guidance texts as well as how-to guides for your website or other digital assets. We write advice and guidance texts that provide insightful tips about your products and services. These add exceptional value to your site’s user experience and significantly increase return visits.

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Advisors & How-To Guides

Areas of Application

  • Fashion advice “tips and tricks”
  • Beauty, health and wellness guides
  • Travel and city advisories
  • Financial advice guides
  • Film and book recommendations
  • House and garden resource guides
  • Pet care guides
  • Cooking and baking tips
  • Sporting advice


  • Significantly increase visitor returns to your website
  • Realize top-notch search engine ranking results
  • Differentiate your business from the competition
  • Speed; quick creation of large quantities of text
  • Text(s) available in a multitude of languages; controlled environment ensures uniformity
  • Integration of best practices in language localization
  • Quality-assurance guaranteed
  • Cost-effective solution
  • One-stop managed service
  • Scalable throughout
  • Flexible workforce
  • API Connection
Advisors & How-To Guides

Advice, Tips and How-To Guides
for your website

Do you operate an online store, market specialty services, or engage in other business-related activities via the web? Position your business to significantly strengthen its value to your customer base by including “advice intelligence” as a complement to the overview of your range of goods. Our Advice and How-to Guide solution is a clear differentiator to the competition, as it enables your business to showcase its advanced knowledge of the market by equipping customers with information that educates, informs and delivers real value.

Our team of qualified Clickworkers are familiar with a broad cross-section of industries which gives them the ability to develop compelling advice texts that align appropriately with your company profile. Content that is not only individualized, original and of the highest quality but also available in a multitude of languages is all possible with this service.

Knowledge-enhancing content, as demonstrated by the use of advice texts, is considered a highly valued resource by your customers, giving them compelling reasoning to return to your site and encouraging long-term loyalty. In addition, by incorporating your preferred search terms into the text, your website will realize a notable surge in traffic thanks to its upgraded SEO status.

Advisors & How-To Guides
Self Service Advisors and How-To Guides

Self Service
Advice, Tips and How-To Guides

Text development orders can be placed via our Self-Service Marketplace. The self-service plan is designed to handle smaller or more standardized tasks. There are no setup fees when you use our self-service plan.

How it works:

  • You specify the text category, language, length and quality requirements
  • Select a team of authors and develop text creation instructions
    Tips on creating a briefing
  • Make sure to include topics, keywords and keyword density specifications on the task form. You can also upload this data separately using an excel file
  • If required, the task form can be shown to the authors individually and edited in accordance with your specific demands
  • Charge credit to your account and submit your order
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Managed Service
Advice, Tips and How-To Guides

As a full-service provider, we can tap into a wealth of crowdsourcing solutions to accommodate your varied needs thanks to a process that is systematic, structured and designed to ensure the best possible outcomes. We work with you closely to define your project requirements and to outline the available options, guaranteeing a seamless customer experience. Our procedural steps include dividing the project into micro-tasks, sourcing the appropriate Clickworkers to execute, reviewing the final results to ensure quality and the management of all aspects related to payment.

If you need help with your request, please get in touch with our service team. Your personal adviser and contact person will be delighted to help you!

How it works:

  • Contact our service team where you will be connected with a project administrator to discuss and advise your project needs.
  • We set up the project on our platform, divided into microtasks, and make this tasks available to qualified authors.
  • Our authors will develop the search engine optimized advice texts according to your specifications.
  • If needed, you can request the services of a qualified editor to check the texts for spelling, grammar and content mistakes.
  • All advice texts are made accessible to you after quality-control checks that include plagiarism, correct keyword density, and text length.
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Managed Service Advisors and How-To Guides

Order Specifications

We require access to the following information to ensure the best guidance/service
concerning your inquiries or when placing an order for the service: Advice, Tips and How-To Guides for your website:

  • In which language(s) do you require your text(s)?
  • What is the volume of the data involved (quantity of texts required)?
  • What are the expectations with regards to text length?
  • Are subheadings needed?
  • What expectations do you have with regards to text style and quality?
  • What are the relevant keywords and their density expectations within the text?
  • In which theme sector(s) does the text fall?
  • What format is needed for your advice texts? Are special characters, html, or other types of formats mandated?
  • Will you need an API connection?

What our Customers say about us

In the last few years, we have sought to counter fashion magazines who have launched online shops by offering our customers’ fashion advice guides. To accomplish this, we have our advice texts written by Clickworker. The copy is always promptly received and according to our specifications, allowing us to dedicate the time we would need for such a project to other business-building activities.


More One-Stop Service

Our service “Advice, Tips and How-To Guides for your website” can also be combined with other services in our portfolio to add even further value to your content:


Our API technology enables the seamless transfer of advice texts into your systems.

Product Descriptions

You can use this service to have search engine optimized texts individually written for every single product you offer.

Category Texts

If you operate a website that offers products or services covering a wide range of areas, utilize this solution to better organize your online content which in turn helps your customers find what they need quickly and efficiently.