What is the VAT ID?

The VAT ID, or Value-Added Tax Identification Number, is a unique identifier used primarily in the European Union for businesses, including freelancers, to manage and report their VAT obligations. This number is essential for invoicing, tax reporting, and in some cases, for cross-border transactions within the EU.

Where can I find my VAT ID?

You can obtain your VAT ID from your national tax authority. After registering for VAT, which is often a mandatory step for businesses and freelancers with a certain level of turnover, the tax authority will issue this number. The structure of the VAT ID varies by country but generally starts with the country’s ISO code followed by a unique number.

Do I need to provide my VAT ID?

Providing your VAT ID on is recommended, but required if you are a company providing work here as an EU resident If you’re involved in cross-border trade within the EU, the VAT ID is also used to verify the tax status and validity of transactions.