Video Data Sets

Video data sets with multi-faceted recordings for machine learning

Optimize your video-based systems with high quality video data sets.
Our international crowd of Clickworkers will be happy to create video data sets in accordance with your requirements.

Get prompt delivery of a large number of highly diverse training data videos, which are adapted to the specifications of your AI system.

The classification of your existing video data sets by our crowd increases the quality of your AI training data and provides the optimal results relevant to your video based systems.

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Video data sets

Video Data Sets for Machine Learning – Application Examples

Creation of Video Data Sets

Machine learning starts by obtaining optimal training data.

Irrespective of whether you are working on the creation of AI-based surveillance, motion detection or gesture guidance systems, to achieve excellent results it is crucial to obtain large quantities of high quality training data in the form of individual video data sets.

Video data sets

With the help of our international crowd, we provide prompt delivery, in the desired type and quantity, of exactly the video data sets required to train your system.

Our Clickworkers create videos according to your specifications. These include, for instance

  • Motion sequences while doing different kinds of housework
  • Gestures
  • Sports activities
  • Scenes
  • Objects
  • Animals

The heterogeneous nature of our crowd ensures that you obtain real, highly diverse, and representative training data for the optimal AI training of your video-based systems.

  • Large quantities of video data sets in a short amount of time
  • Customized training data
  • Large diversity of videos: persons shown, surroundings, objects, lighting conditions, language, etc.
  • Video recordings and immediate data transfer via the Clickworker app
  • Quality check

Evaluation / Classification of Video Data Sets

The quality of the training data is essential for ensuring successful results in video-based systems. All existing video data sets ought to be thoroughly checked and selected before they are used as training data.

Video data sets

We offer a classification of video data sets service to handle this mammoth task.

Our crowd can view thousands of video data sets in a very short space of time and classifies or analyzes them according to your specifications.
Video data sets can be classified for instance according to quality, length or content. Additionally, a video analysis by our crowd delivers more detailed information, for instance regarding the understanding of shown objects, human actions and interactions.

These high-quality training data enable your speech recognition system to continue learning, and to achieve optimal results.

  • Prompt quality control of large quantities of video files
  • High quality analysis of the video content with human intellect
  • Numerous languages
  • Quality check

Clickworker App

With the Clickworker App (available for Android and iOS), Clickworkers can easily create video data sets for you from anywhere in the world and directly transmit them via the App.

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Jobs to create video recordings are set up according to your specifications and requirements. In addition to content, surroundings, times of the day and light conditions, you also specify the length and number of videos you want to have recorded. Geodata can be included in the delivery of every video file.

Managed Service «Video Data Sets»

For your video-based systems to be able to correctly identify and recognize moving images, they need to be fed and trained with specific data. Video data sets that are available to the public often do not comply with the demands. Their diversity is frequently inadequate, they are neither available in sufficient quantities nor realistic enough to train the algorithms for the faultless operation of the system.

In close cooperation and consultation with you, we set up a project tailored to meet your demands, for the creation and / or categorization of video data sets. We quickly find a large number of suitable Clickworkers, in accordance with your specifications regarding the diversity of the participant demography, and assign them the tasks for the creation of training data. We take care of the project management, the quality management as well as the payment of the Clickworkers, and transmit the faultless training data to you in the desired form.

Supplementary solutions for our Video Data Sets service

Photo data sets for image recognition training

This service provides you with numerous photo data sets that are specially created for you for the optimal training of your AI systems. With our app on their smartphones, our Clickworkers can make pictures of, for instance, various objects or animals as well as faces with different expressions etc., and transfer these images with just one click.

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Image annotations for training computer vision models

This service provides thousands of annotations of your photo data sets in a very short space of time, thus delivering high quality training data for your computer vision models quickly. Our Clickworkers make pixel accurate semantic segmentations or select image elements, mark objects with the help of key points, bounding boxes or polygons, and label marked areas with corresponding tags.

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Audio data sets for training speech recognition systems

This service provides you with large quantities of training data to perfect your speech recognition systems. Our global team of Clickworkers creates individual voice recordings and helps provide you with varied audio data sets in the desired languages with many different dialects and pronunciations.

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