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Do you have an eye for details, and can you follow directions precisely? Then our video jobs are practically made for you! Grab your smartphone and record video clips about various topics. The short videos usually only last a few seconds, or up to a minute.

You can choose your preferred activity from a list of tasks. There is quite a bit to choose from, like making faces to performing simple activities. Your job instructions could for example be, throw an object in the air and catch it again. There is definitely a good bit of fun and creativity to be found in our jobs!

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How can you earn money doing video jobs for clickworker?

To participate in our video projects, you don’t need any special qualifications or technical knowledge. It’s just important that your smartphone features a good-quality camera. Generally, the job instructions will be very specific as to exactly how you should complete the job.

These projects are among the most popular on our platform. Understandable, since they don’t take much time and are incredibly fun!
And if all that hasn’t convinced you yet: your contribution is simultaneously helping to train artificial intelligence and further develop image recognition tools, for example.

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