Customer FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Placing orders

How can I place orders?
There are two ways to place orders for our services:
By using the Self-Service Marketplace (only for text creation, translations, surveys and sentiment analysis)
or by placing an individual order and personal contact (managed service) to our sales team
Which method of ordering is best for me?
In the areas of standardized text creation (with and without keywords), translations and survey tasks, it is more advantageous and favorable for you to enter the order using the Self-Service Marketplace. If you have large, individual projects from any service areas offered, please contact our sales team. They will provide personal advice and discuss the project with you.

Questions regarding individual orders

Order Placement

What is the order procedure?
– We determine the project specifications together with you.
– We develop a concept tailored to the individual needs of your project.
– We divide the project into individual, self-contained microjobs and put them on our job platform.
– The jobs are shown to, and quickly processed by the respectively qualified workers from our large network of Clickworkers.
– The results are subject to a quality control and are automatically checked for plagiarisms (by copyscape) and the specified keyword density.
– You will be sent the faultless results for approval.
What preliminary information is needed for an offer?
Depending on the service requested we will need the following specifications:

Text creation
Text length, text language, number of texts, quality requirements

SEO texts
Text length, text language, number of keywords per text, keyword density, number of texts, quality requirements

Source and target language, average text length, number of texts to be translated, if applicable keywords to be used. Quality requirements

Web research
Type of information to be researched, amount of information/ data sets to be researched or lists of topics or URLs to complete

Type of data to be categorized, information regarding the allocation criteria, categories requested, quality requirements

Type of files to be tagged, keywords, and number of keywords per file

Product Data Management
Language of the data which have to be extracted/digitized, type of data, form of data, number of the data which have to be extracted/digitized

Topic of the survey, length of the survey, target group, number of required returns

Accepting the Result and Quality Control

How is quality ensured?
For each task we select corresponding Clickworkers according to their individual skills. These skills have been verified through trainings and tests. Furthermore, their skills are continuously subjected to evaluation based on the work results. In addition, the high quality of the work results are secured by special quality management measures such as statistic process control, audits, peer reviews and evaluation.
How do I receive the results?
The results are delivered to you by email, or loaded directly into your system/ application via API connection.
How great is the risk that the results do not meet my expectations?
We discuss the outcome requirements as accurately as possible in advance. Furthermore, when we are dealing with large orders, we agree on a test order to ensure correct and faultless processing.


What does an order cost?
The costs are calculated according to the amount of time involved and the quality requirements. These vary from project to project. Therefore, per project, you will receive an individual offer on demand.
How and when do I receive the invoices?
Invoices are issued at the end of the month for the results rendered until then, and will be sent to you by mail or email.

Questions regarding the Self-Service Marketplace

Order Placement

How do I place an order?
Oder placing on our marketplace is quite simple. This short guide shows you how it works.
Survey orders:
How can I determine who is allowed to participate in my survey?
Within the order process you can restrict the participants according to:
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Country or
  • predefined teams.
In our marketplace you can build any number of Clickworker teams for yourself, which can then either be chosen or excluded as participants of your surveys.
You will find a guide of how to create teams here.
Which URL do I use to login as a client?
You must register once through our site “registration“. With your password you can then login directly to your account via our site “login“.
How long does it typically take before I receive my completed order?
Processing time can vary greatly depending on the order. For the most part, short texts are usually written or translated within just a few days. Longer text may require more time, mostly depending on the amount of research the Clickworker has to do.
How do you process my order?
After receiving your order, we create a job container that is visible to the Clickworkers who have qualified to work on orders of the type you placed (e.g. “Create a text in Spanish”). Instructions for the tasks are visible ahead of time. Be sure to make your instructions clear and concise. This is something we check before adding your job to the queue.
I am not a company. Can I place orders being an individual?
Yes. Simply enter your first and last name as your company name under the menu item “Contact Details”.

Accepting the Result and Quality Control

How can I assure that the results (texts and translations) meet my requirements?
As soon as the order is completed you can see the results and check if your requirements have been met.
We recommend to select a high quality level during your order placement to ensure that your texts will be created or translated by top authors / translators only. It is also advisable to book / select an addition proofreading service. All texts are than finally checked by a second person.
What do I do if I am not satisfied with the results (texts and translations)?
If you find that your requirements have not been satisfied you can reject the text with a detailed explanation. The author will then have the opportunity to go back and fix the text. The revised text is then quality checked by us. We decide if it is acceptable for redelivery or if a different author should be asked to write the text. In either case, you only pay for the text you accept.
How can I be sure that the texts I receive do not violate someone’s copyrights?
As our client you receive all usage rights for your content. We also utilize for all text deliverables to check for plagiarism.
How do I receive the results (texts and translations) of my order?
You can find the results of your order within your customer account. At the list of your orders, you will find an “export” button for each order completed. Now you can export your order, using a variety of formats (xml, csv, txt).


What is the cost of my order?
Pricing for text creation and SEO texts vary based on the number of words and the quality level selected. The specific prices will be displayed in the order form of our self service marketplace.
The pricing for surveys is based on the fee each participant (defined by yourself) x 1.4 (Service-Fee) plus value added tax.
You can find an overview of our prices on the site “Pricing“.
How can I obtain a receipt about payments I have made as well as invoices?
When you have topped up your account using PayPal or a credit card, the respective receipts can be accessed in your login area. Simply select the menu item “Account” -> “My invoices”.
An invoice is created as soon as an order is completed. The invoices are then also available for download and can be accessed under the menu item “Account” -> “My invoices” mentioned above.
What Payment Methods can I use?
clickworker supports payment through PayPal, credit card and wire transfer.