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Industry specific solutions for all businesses. We supply services and results adapted to meet your individual demand.
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Online Marketing

SEO text creation and more services for the efficient implementation of your online marketing strategies.
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Increase your volume of sales with more meaningful product descriptions and the categorization of your products.
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Categorization, tagging and descriptions of your video, audio and image files.
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Information and Directory Services

Address enrichment, data verification and online research to increase the value of your databases.


We provide standard and customized solutions. With large individual projects, we advise you and handle the entire workflow.
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Unique Content: Text creation
with and without keywords
in 30 languages
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Web Research

Online research, verification and enrichment of data.
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Data Categorization and Tagging

Structuring large amounts of data by categorizing and indexing.
Mobile Crowdsourcing

Mobile Crowdsourcing

Up-to-date and on site: Creation, evaluation, verification and collection of data (e.g. photos and addresses) – via smartphone.

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The Crowd against Electoral Fraud
Indonesia consists of over 17,000 islands in the Indian Ocean. This widespread area and the low annual per capita income of the inhabitants apparently enables the breach of election laws. During the presidency elections this year a fight was launched against the problem of electoral fraud with the help of Crowdsourcing.
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Applications of Crowdsourcing in Online-Marketing Activities
Crowdsourcing in its current form is the result of the development of comprehensive interactions, data storage and data exchange that web technologies in particular offer. Used together with cloud computing, crowdsourcing enables companies to carry out many procedures irrespective of time, space, quantity and resource limitations. This extra flexibility makes crowdsourcing an ideal tool for the efficient realization of innovative and up-to-date online marketing measures.
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