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For many Clickworkers it can be rather intimidating to send a question to the support team. For some it might be too time consuming and others might think that many answers from support are automatically generated. This might be true at some online communities but not here.

So if you have a problem, don’t throw in the towel and quit our platform perhaps never to return, send us an email. That way we, namely Daniel Marz and Angelina Conic, can get to the bottom of the problem and set things straight. Also, we are ready to listen to any Clickworker who might feel their task might have been dealt with unfairly and we will take steps to correct the misunderstanding.
All this is based on trust, that’s why we would like to briefly introduce ourselves in this segment and also give you a look into what we do.


Who we are and what we do

Profile: Daniel Marz

Position: Junior Support Manager

Daniel Marz clickworker support

Responsible for: Support, Community Management, Blog contributions, Clicknews (and stupid office quotes)

What I like about my job: Being right there when an internet project gets big and successful, writing interesting blog articles.

What this place needs is: A USB coffee warmer (invariably my coffee gets cold before I can even drink half of it)

Outstanding personal characteristic: That’s for others to decide

After work it’s time for: Good Heavy Metal, bad movies and ugly computer game heroes

Favorite saying: “The pink elephant in my closet says that reality lies!”

. Profile: Angelina Conic

Position: Junior Support & Marketing Manager

Angelina Conic clickworker support

Responsible for: Support, Community Management, Clickworker recruiting, Clicknews & Website care

What I like about my job: I can identify with the company’s and my job’s objectives and I am doing something I that believe in and is fun. Another positive aspect is that no two days are the same and there is so much to do that the time seems to fly by.

After work it’s time for: Play and cuddle time with my cats, Hui Buh radio plays, suspenseful crime novels á la Miss Marple/Tess Gerritsen and movies in English

What this place needs is: A couch to lounge around on

Outstanding personal characteristic: Direct and open

Favorite saying: “…professional pet tamer”

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Angelina Conic

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siebenfarben 10.06.2010, 17:13:48 Uhr


Ich kann auch nur bestätigen, dass beide Support Manager einen netten Umgang mit uns clickworkern pflegen. Man bekommt sehr schnell ausführliche Antworten und fühlt sich keinesfalls herablassend behandelt. Bevor man sich das Hirn zermartert über rätselhafte Vorgänge wie Auftragsschwund und schlechte Bewertungen sollte man ruhig bei den beiden nachfragen. Weiter so!

Angelika König 20.11.2014, 17:26:35 Uhr


Hallo, habe ein Problem !
Habe mich hier angemeldet und komme nicht mit meinem Paßwort
und E-Mail-Adresse rein, beim einlogen.Benutzererkennung:
Vielleicht könnt Ihr einmal nachschauen, was da los ist.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen Angelika

mandy 21.11.2014, 10:42:02 Uhr


Hallo Angelika,

schreib uns bitte eine kurze E-Mail mit deiner Benutzerkennung an Wir schauen uns das Problem dann einmal genauer an.