on the move…


…not once, not twice, but three times! How is that possible?

Five years ago we started here in the Dortmund Technology Center (TechnologieZentrumDortmund). This technology center is an ideal location for start-up tech companies. Offices can be rented individually and access to an outstanding infrastructure such as a reception area, conference rooms, cafeteria, Internet and telecom networks is included at an affordable cost.

But once a company has reached a certain size it is often necessary to move out of this wonderful area in order to have a bit more elbow room.

That’s just what we have had to do. Last week we moved into spacious new offices in Bredeney Office Park in Essen. We now are exactly in the middle of Cologne, Dortmund, Dusseldorf and Bochum, right in the heart of the largest technological and industrial region in Europe.

And we didn’t just move our offices, our servers have moved too. Now they are located in an ultramodern data center in Cologne.

Our co-workers at clickworker US East have relocated also. After a provisional start they have found a more permanent location still in the Rochester, New York area.

Even clickworker US West has been busy. Later this month our west coast colleagues will move into a building located in the Presidio at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. This former military base has been converted into a national park and an extensive office and residential complex. Our new neighbors there will include Lucas Film among others. Maybe we will get to be the first to see George Lucas’ next new project!

So you, our Clickworkers and customers, can see that things really have been moving for us here at Though it was a bit hectic at times and things didn’t always go as smoothly as they could have, 2010 was a great year and we are looking forward to more growth in 2011.

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Wolfgang Kitza

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Spiro 16.12.2010, 00:59:34 Uhr



I wish you even Greater successes in the New 2011 with your new offices in Essen.


Digital Angel Donna DJ 16.12.2010, 10:43:09 Uhr


Hope the move helps with keeping things running smoothly.

It’s always nice to have more room.

textase2010 19.12.2010, 16:15:36 Uhr


Bleibt zu hoffen, ob der neue Luxus im feinen Bredeney sich auf Dauer bezahlt macht und auch all den fleißigen Clickworkern zugute kommt. Befremdlich finde ich die lange Weihnachtsurlaubszeit vom 18. 12. 2010 bis in den Januar hinein. Eher kenne ich sowas von Beamten als in der freien Wirtschaft. Dennoch guten Rutsch! (Nur nicht auf dem derzeitigen Glatteis;-)).

Rüdiger 04.02.2011, 08:40:48 Uhr


Hhhhmmmm, da scheine ich in den 34 Jahren meines Beamtendaseins etwas falsch gemacht zu haben. Hatte jedenfalls noch nie Urlaub von 18.12. bis in den Januar hinein :-(