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Congratulations! Here are the winners of our short story competition “Zeitgeist”:

Außer Betrieb – by Ursula Wyputta

Stromausfall – by Katja Donath

Roundtrip to Hell and Back – by Carlos Ferreira

We would like to say Thanks to all writers, who participated in our short story contest with more than 250 short stories submissions about the topic “Zeitgeist – Spirit of the time”.

We really enjoyed reading all these beautiful and creative stories and were happy to add them to our clickworker blog. We were especially ecstatic on how the given topic was interpreted so individually by each author, resulting in completely unique short stories. Unfortunately, we couldn’t include all English and German stories as there were simply too many, which sadly forced us to make a selection of the most suitable stories.

We hope, you enjoyed the stories as much as we did!

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Clickworker takes over competitor Bitworxx
The Essen based Humangrid corporation has adopted the name of its clickworker portal. It has also taken over its competitor Bitworxx based in Ratingen. more… (in German)

clickworker, Europe’s leading provider of crowdsourcing solutions, is changing its company name to clickworker GmbH and acquires bitworxx GmbH. bitworxx specializes in preparing product data for online shops and mail-order companies.

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This short story is only available in German.

Read the German version here!


Kevin didn’t want to return to his studio apartment right away. The day seemed magical and he just wanted to drowse away the morning in a cozy little coffee shop. He didn’t want to think about Kari, but he did.

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