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There are loads of books about crowdsourcing. Of course, the most famous one is: “Why the Power of the Crowd is Driving the Future of Business“ written by the crowd leader, Jeff Howe.This is one of the first and most important books on the subject of crowdsourcing as a business model.

On March 27, 2013 a new Guide called “Crowdsourcing for Dummies” by David Alan Grier was published in paperback and since May 28, 2013 it is also available in a Kindle version.

The author

Of course, many people will recognise the name Grier, since it is a well-known name in the crowdsourcing scene. Grier is not only President of the IEEE Computer Society, Associate Professor at George Washington University and Executive Director of, but often writes articles for and actively participates in discussions on various crowdsourcing platforms.


The book

The new “Crowdsourcing for Dummies” guide has been published in the famous Dummies series that covers just about everything from “Algebra for Dummies” to “Zoho for Dummies”. Anyone familiar with these books knows that the subjects are very well prepared and presented in a very entertaining manner. Crowdsourcing for Dummies shows how to effectively plan and implement crowdsourcing projects, which platform to use, and how to successfully market projects.

This guide contains an introduction to current technologies, shows examples of the most prosperous crowdsourcing projects, and gives loads of tips on how to finance projects. It covers everything from customer loyalty to marketing. The guide book also contains lots of simple definitions. For example, Grier defines “crowdsourcing” from the perspective of the customer as follows: “Crowdsourcing is a means of organising and coordinating the labour of individual human beings. You use the Internet and computer software to contact individuals, offer them things to do, and collect the results of their work.”

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