Clickworkers can be easily paid through PayPal – but how?


Was ist eigentlich PayPal und wie funktioniert es?

PayPal ist ein Dienstleister, der die Abwicklung von Zahlungen per Online-Transfer anbietet. Das geht zum Beispiel, wenn ihr online shoppt, einen Flug buchen wollt oder eben eure Bezahlung einfach und fix von uns bekommen möchtet. Ein weiterer Vorteil von PayPal ist, dass ihr es jederzeit auch unterwegs nutzen könnt, z.B mit dem Smartphone.


PayPal-Zahlungen über clickworker

Wichtig: Bevor Ihr Auszahlungen von uns erhalten könnt, müsst ihr euer PayPal-Konto verifizieren. Das ist wichtig, weil sonst eure Bezahlung wieder an uns zurück geht, anstatt auf eurem Konto zu landen. Dazu bekommt ihr wenige Tage nach der Anmeldung bei PayPal eine Testüberweisung, mit der ihr euer Konto bestätigt. Außerdem gibt’s eine Bestätigungs-Email. Sobald ihr euer PayPal-Konto verifiziert habt, könnt ihr es in eurem Clickworker-Account unter dem Menüpunkt „Zahlungsinformationen“ eintragen. Hinterlasst eure steuerlichen Angaben und dann kann’s auch schon losgehen.Aufgepasst: PayPal geht auf Nummer sicher und beachtet die Anti-Geldwäsche-Richtlinie der EU. Deshalb dürft ihr vorerst innerhalb der EU nur maximal 2.500 Euro im Kalenderjahr empfangen. Um höhere Beträge erhalten zu können, müsst ihr über kurz oder lang eure Identität und Adresse bei Paypal bestätigen. Sobald ihr 1.800 Euro empfangen habt, bekommt ihr eine E-Mail sowie Infos in eurem Paypal-Konto. Dort wird dann auch erklärt, wie es weitergeht.

paypal_logo_otm_rgbIst PayPal kostenlos?

Das PayPal-Konto ist kostenlos, genauso wie das Bezahlen per PayPal in Euro. Bei verschiedenen Transaktionen fallen aber Gebühren an – die Gebühren für eure clickworker-Auszahlungen übernehmen wir. Um sicherzugehen, empfehlen wir euch, die Infos in den AGB und im PayPal Hilfecenter zu lesen, unter:

Anyone working as a Clickworker can be paid either by a SEPA transfer (for most European countries) or by PayPal. As PayPal users, Clickworkers receive their payment every week as long as a minimum of 1 Euro is payable. Our payday is from Wednesday to Friday.

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Jasmine McCormick 08.08.2014, 13:52:38 Uhr

I would like to know when will I receive pay through my pay-pal account? Also, my balance say $6.15, but my payable balance is $1.33. Why is that?

Amelie 08.08.2014, 14:17:45 Uhr

Dear Jasmine

PayPal users will be paid out once a week.Our payday is between Wedndesday and Friday. There is a minimum of $1 required.
Usually, the sum is on your PayPal account within the same day.

As you have probably already noticed, there are two different account balances.
Every job is added to your „Account balance“ as soon as you save the job. A job gets payable just after exactly 7 days – regardless of when the jobs is being reviewed or even marked as „completed“.

This means: The payment is first added to „Account balance“ and right after 7 days the amount is added to the „payable balance“. The deviation between your two account balances is composed of all jobs you have completed within the last 7 days, regardless to their processing state. Please note that UHRS-jobs take 21 days to become paypable.

Jobs which have been rejected during the last 7 days, will be debited from your account as well. If you have any more questions please contact us:

Kind regards,

pularis 18.08.2014, 13:28:28 Uhr

hi. can i have a work here though i’m a Filipino?

Angelina Conic 18.08.2014, 13:52:22 Uhr

@pularis: Yes, you can. Please use the registration button at in order to become a Clickworker and take the available assessments.

Support & Community Management

mukesh gupta 19.08.2014, 04:48:57 Uhr

hi admin

i am registered user of click worker but i have not got work assessment i belong to india. i have got only 1 work assessment.

kindly give me solution.


Orfilla 19.08.2014, 05:38:54 Uhr

Hello, can I use my smartphone in working on this site?

Ali 19.08.2014, 14:43:43 Uhr

Hi , I’m trying to work here but I lost
how can I find job here to do ? is there any help steps to understand

BEST regards
thank you

Agnes 20.08.2014, 02:37:57 Uhr

Its been 3 days and I haven’t seen any available jobs.What am I doing wrong?

Hussein 20.08.2014, 12:32:41 Uhr

Hi, I want to know if I can work on Clickworker and get the payments after my job completions on paypal easily. I live in Saudi Arabia at the moment.

Mada 01.09.2014, 18:20:14 Uhr

Hi, Plan on moving to mexico in the near future however I will still be a US citizen. I will only have a temporary FM3 visa. Can I still work with you?

mandy 04.09.2014, 09:30:42 Uhr

Hi Hussein,

As far as I know, Clickworkers from Saudi Arabia can be paid via PayPal. For further information please check


mandy 04.09.2014, 09:35:58 Uhr

Hi Agnes, Mukesh and Ali,

The jobs that are available for you are displayed to you in your “list of available jobs” after login in to your account. If there are no jobs offered to you, there can be several reasons for that:

– There might be currently no jobs available within the field of work you have qualified for. As the number of jobs in each field of work and language depend on our client’s orders, it always varies.

– The score of your assessments might not be high enough for the available jobs. You can see your results of the assessments by going to “completed assessments” within the menu on top of the page.

– It is also possible, that all mentioned jobs have still been completed.

For the future: If you have any questions about jobs or your account, please contact us via If the comments do not match with the subject of the blog article, they might get overlooked or marked as spam.


FrancisAdams 18.09.2014, 12:07:18 Uhr

Yes, Clickworkers can be easily paid through PayPal. I have experienced it. It was such a pleasant surprise when my bank statement showed the amount credited to my account by Clickworker. Way to go!

I am, however, expecting more work on my dashboard as i am convinced Clickworker is among the most trusted sites for freelancers.

hellow264 30.10.2014, 21:58:49 Uhr

Hello, do I have to pay taxes if I’m an international user? how does that work and what do I need to do?

Thanks for your time.

Imad 17.12.2014, 18:04:25 Uhr

When my account balance gets transferred to my PayPal account, how much time will it take to receive the payment?

Daniel Marz 15.01.2015, 10:49:39 Uhr

Usually, the payment arrives on your PayPal account a few hours after you see the invoice in your Clickworker account.

Daniel Marz 15.01.2015, 10:53:56 Uhr

Hi, if you have to pay taxes depends on your national tax laws. Each Clickworker is self responsible for proper taxation of his/her earnings from So, please get in touch with your local tax authority or with a tax advisor and ask for information about how to deal with such income properly.

Daniel Marz 15.01.2015, 10:58:08 Uhr

If this FM3 visa allows you to work in Mexico, then you can continue to work on