Dog, cat and co – What is your contribution to animal welfare?


Since 1925, the feast day of St. Francis of Assisi has been used to bring attention to animal welfare worldwide, to point out abuse to animals and animate human beings to do something for their four-legged friends. In line with the World Animal Day on October 4, 2014 we have also come up with an animal welfare campaign in which our Clickworkers play the main part.

For animal welfare

How are you actively involved in animal welfare? Share your good deeds with us and motivate the Clickworker community to take a stand for animals!

We aren’t trying to encourage you to donate money to specific institutions. We are more interested in the small, everyday things. Do you go for walks with animal shelter dogs on a regular basis? Do you support species-appropriate husbandry? Have you volunteered as a flight sponsor for animals from abroad? Or have you got plenty of creative ideas for animal welfare? Perfect…we have the right platform for your good deeds!
And if you haven’t campaigned for animal welfare yet, you have until November 9, 2014 to do so. ;)

Sending in good deeds: this is how it works

Document your personal animal welfare activity and send us a proof picture displaying you in action to, subject “Dog, cat and co.” Entry deadline is November 9, 2014. Despite the fact that pictures say more than a thousand words, please include a short description of the story behind the pictures in English or German. We are not only interested in what can be seen on the picture, we also want to find out more about the meaning and purpose of the activity. Your short texts will be published together with the pictures so that other Clickworkers can inform themselves about your good deeds. Every Clickworker can enter a maximum of 3 pictures.

What can be used as proof pictures?

  • Photos that you have copyright for and have permission to use
  • Scans of airline tickets & documents for the animal
  • Certificates
  • other evidence regarding volunteer work

What are not suitable proof pictures?

  • Pictures copied from the Internet
  • Entries that do not come from registered Clickworkers
  • Pictures you are not permitted to use because you do not have the copyright
  • violence-glorifying, sexual or racist content

Voting for the best deed

Which activity moved you most? Or what activity was most beneficial to the animals? You will be able to vote on it between November 10, 2014 and November 23, 2014.
After we have made a preselection, you will be able to access all the pictures in a gallery.

Here you can open the images directly, read the stories behind them and cast your vote for your favorite animal welfare activity!

Prizes, prizes, prizes

The winner get’s to decide which animal welfare organization will get our 200$/€ donation. He or she will not come away empty-handed – we will reward him/her 100$/€ for his/her commitment to animal welfare!

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