All we want is your opinion – Tips and tricks for surveys


Surveys have become one of the most popular tasks for customers as well as Clickworkers. Many companies and institutions use our community to obtain opinions about products, services or ideas, or to gather data for scientific purposes. Surveys are generally available without any prior assessments, but there are also possible snares that you should be aware of and observe when processing a survey.

The number you have dialed is not available at the moment?

If you see a survey in your list of tasks, then you have already cleared the first hurdle. In principle, you belong to the broad target group that has been defined by the customer. This means that your age, gender or specific qualities, such as language skills or hobbies (i.e., things that can be matched in the profile) fit the participants they are looking for. However, you may find that you cannot complete the survey after you have answered only just a few questions. This can happen if your answers show that you do not belong to the shortlisted target group. The survey might be about car repair shops, but you previously specified that you do not have a driver’s license. This “sifting” is carried out at the very start to keep the time you unnecessarily invest as short as possible.

Built-in test questions might be another reason why you are excluded from a survey when you are already halfway through. Our customers want the participants to carefully read the questions, and give correct replies. They sometimes add test questions in which the desired reply is given in the question. If you do not carefully read the questions you will find that the survey ends here. Therefore, always take the time to carefully read and answer the questions. Your answers are also subject to some specific tests to ensure the quality of the results regardless of the built-in tests.

The early bird gets the….

After clicking on the survey you might get a message saying that the survey has ended and is no longer available. Generally, a specific number of participants are targeted. But since the surveys are usually carried out on third-party platforms such as Surveymonkey, our task list cannot display whether and how many surveys are still available. The survey is automatically stopped once the maximum number has been reached. And until we have taken them out of the clickworker task list you will get the above-mentioned message.

All is well that ends well – the storage code

Have you successfully responded to all the questions? Then the most important thing comes last: the code that you need you complete your work and receive your fee. You will have to pay particular attention here because the way codes look and are placed can greatly differ depending on the survey platform and customer. We have included a few examples here:

earn money with surveys
participate in surveys

The code is not always clearly signalized by bold type or a different color. In general, the job instructions usually state where to look, and what to look for. However, you may also have to generate your own code, but that is also described in the job instructions. It is best to copy the code directly from the survey into the corresponding job in the workplace. This ensures that, for example, you do not enter a large “I” instead of a small “L” or an “O” instead of a Zero. However, make sure that you do not copy the blank space before or after the code by accident. If you do enter the code manually, be sure to observe the use of capital and small letters. If problems do occur when you store the survey, make a note of your code and the workitem# – or better still, send us a screenshot of both, together with your user name, to

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