Easter Sunday Contest: Coins in the Easter basket


Oh dear, did the Easter bunny lose some coins while going through the garden? We collected 2 * 25€ for you, and want to enter them in a random drawing.

Easter Sunday Contest

This is how to win the “bunny coins” in our Easter Sunday Contest:

– Send us an email to contest@clickworker.com, subject “bunny coins”.
– The prize money of respectively 25€ will be awarded to two winners and credited to their Clickworker accounts.

We hope you have an enjoyable Easter Sunday: have fun searching for eggs!

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Mandy Meyer-Steffan

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Nitin Kulkarni 30.03.2016, 08:08:27 Uhr


Dear Ms. Mandy Steffan,
Let me confess that I am really happy to be associated with clickworker.com.
I have send an email as per your requirements w.r.t. “bunny coins”.

With best regards,
Nitin Kulkarni
clickworker user id – nitsworke