Tips for Christmas

Doesn’t it feel as though Christmas was just last month? It might feel that way, but it has been nearly a year. So it’s time to get festive again! We have put together a few tips about how to celebrate Christmas and increase the numbers of followers on social networks.
10 Tips for Christmas:

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Evergreen Content

Evergreen Content helps you to generate traffic permanently and to achieve top rankings in Google & Co. Creation, examples & benefits of evergreen content.

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Some of you will already have noticed and used it: the new button “Confirm PayPal Account data” which was recently added to the “payment details” section. For the rest of you, we’d like to briefly explain in the following blog article why we added it, what it’s for, and how it’s used.

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Text Correction

Most people react negatively to texts that contain mistakes. A text that contains errors throws a bad light on the quality of the services and products the company offers. You must therefore do everything possible to avoid errors. The following are a few tips to help prevent “error blindness”. We are also including typical spelling mistakes, comma tips and a few helpful spelling tools.


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Eight European crowdsourcing platforms, the German Crowdsourcing Association (Deutscher Crowdsourcing Verband), and the German Metalworkers’ Union (IG Metall) announced today the establishment of a joint Ombuds Office. The Ombuds Office will be tasked with resolving disputes between crowdworkers, clients, and crowdsourcing platforms and with overseeing enforcement of the “Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct” adopted by the platforms.

The Code of Conduct is signed by the German crowdsourcing platforms Testbirds, clickworker, Streetspotr, Crowd Guru, AppJobber,, and Shopscout and by the British platform Bugfinders. In total the eight platforms count approximately two million worker registrations between them. The Crowdsourcing Code of Conduct is to date the only agreement in which online labor platforms voluntarily agree to hold themselves to minimum standards with respect to working conditions and relations between workers, clients, and platforms. The goal of the Code of Conduct is to codify the existing standards in Germany with respect to fair dealings with crowdworkers and to ensure that these standards are maintained as the market for crowd work grows.

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Deutsche Welle

While headway in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry has many worried about potential jobs losses, others see this as a perfect opportunity to nurture an economy that is completely human-based.


Short Storys

EDIT: Here are the winners of our short story competition:

  • Donka von Inna Ernst
  • Das Salz in der Suppe von Vera Heinrich
  • Speechless by Lucas

Congratulations to the authors and thanks to all other Clickworkers for making their votes!

We would also like to thank all Clickworkers who submitted their stories to our short story competition. Thanks to your creativity and enthusiasm, we have been able to read more than 150 extraordinary and completely different stories. Unfortunately, due to the high number of participants, we had to make a very narrow pre-selection and were only able to put a fraction of the submitted short stories to the vote.

Nevertheless, we hope that the selected stories will appeal to you as much as they do to us.

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This short story is only available in German.

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This short story is only available in German.

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“HEY FAGGOT, come here”, he screams, “Come on, I brought you something to trade for your lunch today!”

blind folded women

Victin is puzzled, could this be the day he had been waiting for? As he reaches in his bag, his other arm swings into Victin’s stomach like the mechanical motion of an activated mousetrap, leaving poor boy Victin a few milliseconds to hear the idiot scream “SQUASH” while he proceeds to feel his insides turn into Mom’s apricot jam. As soon as the Shrek-looking fellow disappears in a maze of school hallways, Victin picks himself up in a thoroughly practiced manner; this isn’t his first time.

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