Weekly paychecks for all PayPal users – starting at 1 cent!

August 4, 2011

paypalHas waiting four weeks for your money been a nuisance? Or do you work only occasionally as a clickworker and sometimes barely hit the $10 account minimum?

Then you’ll love to hear these two updates!

At the end of August , two changes will come into effect that will make payments for lots of clickworkers faster and easier in the future.

1st Update – Weekly payment!

You heard us – as soon as the changes at the end of August are in force, PayPal users will no longer be paid monthly, rather they’ll be paid weekly in the future. So now you can receive up to four cash transfers a month from us. And to ensure it’s worth it, there’s yet a second improvement.

2nd Update – Minimum work sum? Not anymore!

What’s the point of a weekly paycheck, if you haven’t reached the minimum work sum for a cash transfer in those 7 days? In our opinion, it doesn’t make sense – and that’s why with the change to weekly paychecks, we’ve simultaneously taken the minimum work sum away.

That means you don’t need to work a minimum of 10 Euros or Dollar before you’re paid for your work, instead all work is paid in a PayPal transfer at the end of the week. When necessary, even a single cent will be transferred. A real improvement for all you clickworkers out there, who are less active and fulfill an assignment once in a while or to test our accountability before you pick up the pace.

For the time being – no changes for those who opt for bank transfers – though if you would prefer weekly payments in the future, you’re always welcome to switch to the PayPal payment option.

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Daniel Marz

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37 Kommentare

Jeneva 04.08.2011, 19:18:29 Uhr


Excellent! This is definitely an improvement.

G VALSA 05.08.2011, 15:39:39 Uhr


Fantastic idea!

dana 05.08.2011, 19:57:24 Uhr



Emre 05.08.2011, 20:23:23 Uhr


i havent received my money on the last month.And you are talking about sending the money every week.I want to know why i havent received my money last month.

Daniel Marz 06.08.2011, 17:19:00 Uhr


Hello Emre,
have you checked if all necessary information is provided in your profile? Bank details (or PayPal address) as well as tax information?

Besides that, until this change gets active, you need ad least 10 Euro/Dollar on your payable balance on payment day.

If all that was the case, I’d send a request to support asking for help and we will check it.

Stacy 07.08.2011, 06:16:26 Uhr


This is wonderful! So excited!

Emre 07.08.2011, 10:30:57 Uhr


Hello Daniel,
Of course i checked all the details i had to fill.And i received my money on the other months and i was a bit confused why i couldn’t get my money last month.Would be so nice if you can send a request to support.I also had another problem and i mailed support and they said they will take care of it but 1 week passed and no one answered me yet.I think Clickworker has a problem with support.In other cases earning money and working here is pretty fantastic and interesting.

Angelina Conic 08.08.2011, 09:40:25 Uhr


Hello Emre,

I just checked the support email account and couldn’t find your email. Maybe it got lost or you used the wrong email address. Can you please resend it to help-de@clickworker.com? I’ll be able to look into your account and invoices if you send us an email and include your login name.
Support & Community Management

Sandra 08.08.2011, 18:00:55 Uhr


Das finde ich eine super Idee von euch.

Chris 15.08.2011, 12:42:12 Uhr


Super Sache! Wann findet denn die nächste Überweisung statt?

Jenny 16.08.2011, 19:57:23 Uhr


I have a question…it is possible to use the italian “postepay” instead of paypal? it is a prepaid card too!

diana56 17.08.2011, 03:06:28 Uhr


How do we sign up? I have 9 dollars for awhile and it has not been put in my paypal. Ive already signed up for paypal. Can you transfer my earnings in? thanks Im looking forward to new jobs postings.

Angelina Conic 17.08.2011, 08:45:15 Uhr


@Jenny: Your earnings can only be transferred to Paypal and SEPA bank accounts at the moment. There will be more possibilities in the future, but this may take some time until it becomes available.

@diana56: Have you already entered your Paypal and your tax details in you profile? You haven’t been paid, yet, because your wage was still too low (min. 10 €), but this will change on 26 August.
Support & Communiy Management

Judy 18.08.2011, 22:42:10 Uhr


I think this is great. Now I can put my focus in one place and not worry if I am getting involved with a legal/real company or if it’s a scheme. This will help out a lot!!

Judy 18.08.2011, 22:43:49 Uhr


Not sure what that says at the bottom of my post lol I didn’t put it there, hope it’s nothing offensive.

Daniel Marz 19.08.2011, 14:46:22 Uhr


Die Umstellung findet am 26. August statt und wir werden dann auch direkt die erste wöchentliche Auszahlung abwickeln.

Valentin 20.08.2011, 14:19:18 Uhr


Hello, I’m Valentina Giungati and I have a problem, I have not received the payment last month. I wanted to know why.
thanks and good job.

MVY 22.08.2011, 03:48:21 Uhr


So just to clarify, will paypal users get paid on a weekly basis starting on Fri, August 26? Thanks!

Daniel Marz 22.08.2011, 09:50:00 Uhr


Yes, that is the plan if everything works as planned.

Daniel Marz 22.08.2011, 09:52:53 Uhr


Hi Valentina,
please add the tax info to your profile. This information is mandatory to receive payments. As soon as you added it, you will be included in the following payment cycle.

Lekan 25.08.2011, 14:00:12 Uhr


Pls my country is not listed on paypal what other options do i have.

Daniel Marz 25.08.2011, 14:27:40 Uhr


Dear Lekan,
There are quite a few countries which are not available for PayPal, yet. We are aware of that fact and are already looking for additional money transfer services who cover those countries.

Giusy 25.08.2011, 16:14:17 Uhr


Great!I’m looking forward for tomorrow to come :-)

Kiesha Joseph 27.08.2011, 02:00:13 Uhr


I can see where my money disappeared from my clickworker acct. But, it’s still not in my PayPal acct. Are we supposed to get paid TODAY?

MVY 27.08.2011, 02:06:29 Uhr


When exactly are we going to get paid? Aren’t we supposed to today?

Kiesha Joseph 27.08.2011, 08:01:43 Uhr


My email was wrong on the last post. Still no sign of the payment.

Daniel Marz 27.08.2011, 11:14:14 Uhr


Hi Kiesha, usually, PayPal is pretty fast in terms of transferring the money. However, it may take a day after your money has been withdrawn from your clickworker balance.

Of course, we will have a look into this process on monday to see, if there have been any problems with the “new system”. And of course, no money is lost, you’ll all get it.

Kiesha Joseph 27.08.2011, 18:04:17 Uhr


No problem. Appreciate u folks trying this new process. Would all like to get paid weekly. Just keep trying. I’ll stick by u regardless. Until Monday…

Judy 27.08.2011, 18:12:34 Uhr


I’m so glad to have found a real company that communicates. Even though there are a few kinks to work out, when you know someone is doing something about it, it makes you feel a whole lot better, thanks.

Jens Peter Holländer 28.08.2011, 13:16:53 Uhr


Hi Ihr Lieben Mitarbeiter bei Clickworker!

Ich finde eure Neuste Aktion echt richtig Klasse. Warum können eigentlich neue User keine Qualifikation beim SMS Guru machen? meine Frau hatte extra den Alten User gelöscht und sich nur deswegen einen neuen auf gemacht! Ein Kommentar dazu wäre echt Klasse, da wir per Email leider keine Antwort bekommen hatten.

Und noch mal Herzlichsten Dank für Eure Neuerungen, die wir echt total Klasse finden! DANKE

Hi Dear Ones employees Clickworkers!

I find your latest class action really correct. Why can not a qualification for new users make SMS Guru? My wife had deleted the extra user and only old people a new reason to make! A commentary on it was a class because we had unfortunately received no response by email.

And again, many thanks for your innovations, which we find totally real class! THANK YOU

Judy 29.08.2011, 15:56:13 Uhr


Whoo hoo!! Payment made this morning, I’m all your clickworker.com, SOLD!!

Kiesha 29.08.2011, 18:41:13 Uhr


Payment cleared PayPal this morning. You guys are the best! I am proud to be a clickworker!

Angelina Conic 30.08.2011, 12:08:23 Uhr


@Jens Peter Holländer:

Die SMS-Qualifizierung ist für die Zwischenzeit abgeschaltet worden, da es bereits viele qualifizierte Clickworker dafür gab und die Aufträge immer sehr schnell vergriffen waren. Für die Wiederholung einer Qualifizierung ist es üblicherweise nicht notwendig ein neues Konto zu eröffnen. Eine kurze E-Mail an help-de@clickworker.com genügt in der Regel.
Support & Community Management

L M 08.07.2013, 05:42:52 Uhr


hi my account was deactivated for no reason today and no one from click worker has responded to me in 2 days i have also contacted the ceo and have a few phone numbers that i will be calling tomorrow because i feel like my account was deleted because i made over 400 in a week and this has happened to quite a few people in reviews i have read. People have stated that they would make around that amount and then a day before payday powwww their account is gone and they receive no money. can anyone explain this. And also being that i had to give my social security number to get paid and was not able to manually remove my ssn i have to report this as identity theft. shameful..

Angelina Conic 08.07.2013, 15:31:19 Uhr


@L M,

There was a general issue with UHRS accounts, which we were able to fix. Your account should be working normally again.
Support & Community Management

Jing 15.11.2014, 18:43:45 Uhr


I have more than $10 usd papal on Nov 13th and my Paypal plus tax information have been set up ready prior to that.
So far I am not getting paid yet.
Can you look into this please?

Daniel Marz 15.01.2015, 10:55:45 Uhr


Hi Jing, Please make sure that the earnings already reached status “payable” Only payable amounts are included in the weekly bill runs. If your payable amount IS above $5 and you still haven’t received a payment, please get in touch with us via help@clickworker.com. Don’t forget to include your user name. Thanks!