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May 26, 2010

In January we at decided to offer the platform and the services not just in Europe but in North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) as well.

In February we created the company, Inc., in March we localized the system and created the new design. At the end of April we were ready to launch and went online.

During the first four weeks we managed to get over 11.000 new Clickworkers in North America, exceeding even the most optimistic plans. We now have one third of all Clickworkers worldwide coming from North America. After only four weeks. Fact is, we are too successful.

This presents us with a classic chicken and egg problem. If we have no or not enough Clickworkers, nobody will give us work.

But if we have too many Clickworkers, like right now, the Clickworkers will be easily frustrated, because there just is not enough work.

We had the same problem almost a year ago, when we launched in Europe. First not enough, then too many Clickworkers. In the meantime we came to a relatively good balance. All Clickworkers that successfully finished the necessary assessments will usually be able to find work at all times.

In North America this will unfortunately take a few more weeks. We have signed a number of contracts with potentially very large customers, especially for content creation and research in English. We are currently preparing for those projects and hope to be able to bring them online during the month of June.

There will also be a lot of work in other languages, especially German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Turkish.

Please be patient, please stay with us, shortly there will be more than enough work for everybody.

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Wolfgang Kitza

7 Kommentare

joe 30.05.2010, 21:58:51 Uhr


Sounds good. How about some Japanese translation/writing jobs.

José 31.05.2010, 22:44:28 Uhr


Yes, I think it will be very good for the clickworkers

Jonas 01.06.2010, 00:43:56 Uhr


Personally I’d like transcription and data entry projects in English.

simone 02.06.2010, 15:39:49 Uhr


That’S OK. Thinks are like this in so many kind of works too. We are here paciently.

calvin difom 05.06.2010, 18:11:16 Uhr


All right,good organization en north america…hope it should be the same thing en europ and best in spain…
whould Clickworker do african languages translations?

Amy 06.06.2010, 08:37:08 Uhr


Sounds good. How about some Japanese translation/writing jobs.

niobe 08.07.2010, 12:43:08 Uhr


How about translations from English to German?