Nerds are taking over the travel branch – bizarre tips for day trips

August 28, 2012

How about an excursion to an old fallout shelter or a road that leads to nowhere? This type of unusual travel destination can be found by taking a look at Nerdy Day Trips. The so-called “nerd map” presents thousands of interesting and or curious travel destinations that one would probably drive past under normal circumstances. At the same time, one can also mark one’s own personal favorite and call attention to the best graffiti in the neighborhood for instance.

The website mainly consists of an interactive global map: you can click on existing marks and spend hours discovering something new. There is also a blog, however it hasn’t been actively maintained.

Currently most of the entries come from the East Coast of the United States and Great Britain, but the European community is also growing. Unfortunately Asia and Africa have remained uncharted so far. So it’s up to you to travel these regions and track down the most amusing and unusual spots. If you want to participate but can’t afford a short trip to the Equator you can get started in your own neighborhood.

nerd map

The travel recommendations concept is already being used by Tripadvisor. This website provides first-hand, detailed evaluations of standard travel destinations and accommodations. But you certainly won’t find the Sattel Hochstuckli, a playground in Switzerland that can only be reached with a gondola lift, or the first German banana museum located in Sierksdorf .

And you probably didn’t know that fossils are worked into the ground of the John Lennon Airport in Liverpool where you can count the number of fossils in the ground while waiting to check-in or for your luggage to arrive.

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rolyn 25.09.2012, 20:48:11 Uhr


Non male come suggerimenti. Se posso segnalare anch’io un luogo a dir poco placido e meraviglioso, vi scrivo a proposito di Ghiaie di Bonate, una piccola frazione nel Comune di Bonate Sopra in provincia di Bergamo (IT). Il dato eccezionale e che in questo sobborgo venne eretta nel 1944 una Cappella dalla Curia di Bergamo in seguito alle 13 apparizioni, avvenute nel mese di maggio del 1944, di Maria Santissima quale “Regina della famiglia e della vita”, Che viene ricorsa, chiamata e pregata in tal senso. Infatti apparve allora con La Sacralissima Famiglia (con Gesù Bambino e San Giuseppe), ed è Luogo esplicitamente definito “Santo Simulacro” contro i gravi peccati che offendono e contrastano la vita e la famiglia (tra cui adulterio, aborto volontario, divorzio, convivenza, pedofilia, coppie di fatto, e svariati pericoli vecchi e nuovi annessi, connessi e in agguato, ogni violenza e sopruso). Indico due links che ne parlano per esteso:,
Eventuale utile riferimento anche il sito: