The intent and purpose of identity checks at clickworker

November 10, 2015

You may have stumbled across posts in social networks or review portals in which angry Clickworkers complain about blocked user accounts. In the course of the posts some very extraordinary theories are proposed that unfortunately unsettle other users.

To do away with rumors like “clickworker blocks Clickworker accounts at random whenever a certain amount X has been earned”, we want to provide some information about why accounts are blocked by hand in the first place. The answer is fairly straightforward: Opportunity makes a thief! Wherever money is involved, there are people with criminal energy who are ready to profit from the situation.

We generally differ between three types of Clickworker accounts, which we check and if necessary block, because they violate our general business terms and conditions:

  1. Impersonators
    In this case we are dealing with a Clickworker account in which the user has deliberately registered with false personal data (name, address, country, etc.).
  2. Doppelganger
    Some Clickworkers register with several accounts, in part because they do not immediately pass the tests or because they think that they will get more jobs if they have more accounts.
  3. Swindler
    This group unfortunately causes the most damage. They hope to make fast money with frenzied clicks, nonsense input or even the theft of another person’s ideas. This group also includes the people who configurate Bots that will do the work for them.

We counteract attempted fraud with targeted quality assurance and fraud prevention measures. Many cheaters are traced and blocked immediately after registration – ideally, before they are able to work on the clickworker platform. However, we cannot always trace a false account, sometimes the accounts appear suspicious only after a certain amount of time.

If we find a suspicious Clickworker account, we block it and in general, we write the Clickworker and ask him/her to prove their identity and address with suitable documents. (This is obviously not necessary in the case of several accounts and traceable spam). If the data evidence proves to be legitimate, we reactivate the account, verify it and everything continues as before. However, this does not mean that every document we receive is authentic. Unfortunately, innumerable more or less well-forged IDs and documents have already found their way into our inbox. This makes the verification process unnecessarily time-consuming and difficult.

Here are a few examples of forged documents:

forged US-drivers license A deceptively authentic US drivers license – however it is never issued by the authorities in this way.

Document templates available on the Internet in which personal data can easily be entered are also very popular. Based on the “small faults” mirrored, it becomes clear that the same template has been used repeatedly.

forged Russian passport

This brings us to the pertinent question: Why do some Clickworkers complain about blocked accounts on the Internet?

There are innumerable reasons why for example, fake accounts are created. Not everyone who opens a suspicious Clickworker account intends to deliver poor work. According to our observations, some Clickworkers open fake accounts to be able to access jobs that are, for example, currently not available in their region due to customer specifications. In the Clickworker’s opinion they have, where applicable, done good work. However, for us, it means that the research, text and similar, which the Clickworker has delivered under false premises is not usable for the customer and has to be reentered.

When an account is blocked and the earnings are deducted, the threat of spreading bad publicity is a popular means of exerting pressure, i.e. a negative review will be given if the Clickworker account is not immediately reactivated. However, we cannot and are not willing to let ourselves into this: a suspicious Clickworker account can only be reactivated through the verification of the person involved. Whoever is not willing to, or cannot validate their identity and address on request, must unfortunately expect the Clickworker account to remain closed.

In the past few years we have expanded and optimized the checking mechanisms to prevent spam and false accounts. Nonetheless we want to be more effective in the future so that available jobs are accessed by the Clickworkers who are meant to get them. Our goal is to implement further high barrier safety measures so that fraud on clickworker is not really worthwhile.

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Angelina Conic

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Jaime 10.11.2015, 17:52:51 Uhr


thanks for posting this. very interesting to read. I have a problem with a stalker and I’m always worried about them screwing around with my online accounts. I feel more secure here though because I know you do these checks and it’s not just to protect you and your clients but to protect your actual click workers.

Dirk 11.11.2015, 12:39:58 Uhr



ein Dank an diesen Beitrag. Ich bin selber erst seid kurzem dabei, aber muss feststellen, dass Ihr euch doch viel Mühe gebt damit eure Seite vor solchen Personen doch gut geschützt wird. Alles kann man nicht immer auf anhieb überwachen, aber in der Ruhe liegt die Kraft. Ich wünsche euch weiterhin viel Erfolg mit eurer Arbeit!!

Guangqing Zhu 17.11.2015, 00:03:20 Uhr


I understand this identity check thing is something you have to do. But my experience is pretty annoying. I suddenly could not log in my account last Wednesday. I emailed and got the answer quickly, which was appreciated, that I need to provide many documents for this identity check. I did so but did not hear anything back. I asked twice but got no response ever, no acknowledge of receiving the documents, no follow up, no expectation on how long you will take working on it, nothing. This is the most disappointing part of all.

Joseba 24.11.2015, 13:44:31 Uhr


Maybe you can solve the “Doppelganger” issue by allowing “good” workers to repeat Assessments after a certain working volume or working time, I understand trust is not a matter of days… Discouraging fraud is a good idea but maybe you could make it more effective by also rewarding the honest workforce.

Daniel Marz 25.11.2015, 15:18:59 Uhr


@ Joseba Repeatable assessments are in discussion.

Daniel Marz 25.11.2015, 15:23:11 Uhr


@Guangqing Zhu The delay depends on several factors, like the difficulty of your case and of the to-be-checked documents, as well as the number of emails that we currently have to answer. Sometimes, we get a lot of requests in a very short timeframe, which results in longer answering times than usual.

Nicholas 26.11.2015, 16:53:19 Uhr


I would LOVE to have another shot at the writing assessment. I used to teach English, yet by impatiently speeding through the test I contrived to deliver good writing that simply wasn’t what was asked for. My mistake entirely, but having been a good Clickworker for a few years now I always hold out hope I might get another shot at it and be able to do more jobs on the CW homepage.

Len 26.11.2015, 17:56:32 Uhr


I was a ‘victim’ of this fraud check some time ago. After about 6 months doing jobs for Clickworker, I suddenly wasn’t able to log in. After sending the required information, my account was verified and I could continue doing jobs, and received the approx. 80 Euro that were on hold during check time.
I can fully understand you want to keep your database of clickworkers clean from fraudulent people.. The only thing that left me with a bitter taste in my mouth, was the way you lock out people for ‘initial suspicion’. There wasn’t any explanation, what the suspicion was about. And to suddenly feel oneself in a ‘Process’ (Franz Kafka) kind of situation’ is not nice at all.
As mentioned, I understand you need to do these checks. But I would like to advise you to take in consideration that when you are locking people out, you also let them know why you have this ‘ initial suspicion’ . Especially for those clickworkers, that in the end turn out to be just hard working innocent people, it is not a nice experience, to be considered a potential fraudulent person, without having a clue why…