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Text creation - Case Study Tennis Point

Case Study Text Creation ‘Tennis Point’

clickworker creates article descriptions in 8 languages for an international website and online shop.

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Text creation - Case Study Tennis Point

The Challenge

Tennis-Point is one of the leading online shops for tennis articles, clothing and accessories in Europe.

Tennis-Point wants a search engine optimized description of each article in the respective language of the country for the pan-European sales of their products.

The texts must be written by native speakers to ensure that they strike the right note and directly address consumers. It is also essential that new articles become quickly available in the online shop. This demands the swift creation of descriptions.

The Solution

Native speaking French, English, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and Russian clickworkers create search engine optimized article descriptions for the Tennis-Point GmbH international online shop.

The Clickworkers are qualifi ed as authors of texts in their native languages and create the article descriptions according to Tennis-Point wishes, target group-specific in all 8 languages.

After completion, each text is checked and is then delivered via an API connection to the Tennis-Point article administration system.

Text creation - Case Study Tennis Point

Project Data

  • Clickworker qualifications: Qualification as an author in the native language required
  • Number of article descriptions in 2013: 1,000/language
  • Text length: 150 words
  • Languages: 8 languages – French, English, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Russian
  • Data transfer: Data exchange via API
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  1. The customer defines the terms of the order. This information includes the article that will described, language, keywords, text length and text style.
  2. clickworker will draw up the project and make the article description jobs available for processing by qualified Clickworkers in the form of micro tasks.
  3. The Clickworkers handle the numerous tasks simultaneously and therefore quickly. They create well-written and unique article descriptions in the desired style with 150 words and keywords according to specifications.
  4. Each text is verified by a second Clickworker to ensure that spelling, grammar and compliance with the job description are observed.
  5. The flawless article descriptions are transferred via API directly to the customer’s article administration system.
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  • Text creation in all standard languages from a single source and one personal contact person
  • National language usage
  • SEO-optimized texts
  • Quick text creation – even in large quantities
  • Scalable throughput, flexible workforce
  • Quality controlled results
  • API integration