A Loss Of Innocence – by Threshold

October 10, 2017

9-year-old Amira is a typical child in many respects. To say she is just like every other 9-year-old would go a long way to explain why her grandfather had suggested she would be perfect for what they needed.

Red Brick Wall

Her dark hair, almost black but willing to reveal the deepest of browns in the correct light, hangs long and straight, and had she the time it would have soon been possible for her to sit on it. Today, it frames her face, giving her what would have been described as an angelic countenance, but angelic is the least appropriate adjective considering her current situation.

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Donka – Inna Ernst

October 10, 2017

This short story is only available in German.

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Short Story Competition 2017: Write a Story for clickworker

September 4, 2017 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Up until now more than 50.000 texts have been completed on clickworker. This does not only show how much Clickworkers can achieve, it is also a big boost compared to the years before!

Looking at this great performance we ask ourself „Who are the creative heads behind the submitted texts?“. Let us take a look behind your screen and show us what kind of an author you are by joining our Short Story Competition!

short story competition undecided

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clickworker Easter Quiz – Solve our Crossword and win!

April 13, 2017

Here we go – finally! Matching the upcoming holidays, clickworker launches a little Easter quiz, which will sweeten your days off. Solve our easy crossword puzzle and win one of our cash prizes. We will raffle 1x 50 €, 1 x 25 € and 2 x 10 € among all Clickworkers who submit the correct solution by e-mail. All you need is a tiny bit of luck, so rub the rabbit’s foot!

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Strolling through shops with your smartphone… Job: Photo Shopper

March 23, 2017 clickworker blog 6 Comments

Lately more and more projects can be found on clickworker that can be, or in some cases must be, performed outside the home. Here we present a little photo shopper guide, so that you can hit the streets armed with your smartphone.

Known to experts as point of sales (POS) analysis or product audits, the related job counterparts in the freelance world are collectively termed, for example, mystery shopping, even though strictly speaking no explicit shopping activity takes place. The requirements however are similar: you are asked to visit a store, and take pictures of specific products, shelves or promotional displays, and then upload the photos. Sometimes this job is also combined with 2 or 3 questions about the product presentation. At clickworker we therefore often refer to this kind of task as “photo shopping.”

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