The crowdsourcing code of conduct – for fair cooperation



In collaboration with the Deutsche Crowdsourcing Verband (German Crowdsourcing Organization) and the crowdsourcing providers, Testbirds and Streetspotr, we have developed a code of conduct to regulate the prospective cooperation between service providers, customers and crowdworkers. The goal is to enhance the legislation and establish general guidelines that will make crowdworking, a new form of work, profitable for everyone involved.

    The code of conduct includes basic principles
  • with regard to the seriousness of the tasks offered,
  • with regard to informing the crowdworker about the legal situation,
  • regarding fair payment for the crowd,
  • regarding crowd motivation,
  • regarding task definition and time management,
  • regarding freedom and flexibility in the completion of tasks,
  • regarding support for the crowdworker,
  • regarding communication,
  • regarding work environment as well as
  • data privacy and sphere of privacy.
The code of conduct can be signed by interested companies and will be continually developed. The basic principles can be read online at