WeFi – Collection and preparationof data for analytical works

preparation of data

WeFi is a market leader in mobile data analytics providing competitive intelligence and user experience insights for app publishers, marketers and brands.
WeFi uses our expertise and on demand workforce to collect and tag various data points used in its analytics products.

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epoq internet services

Crowdsourcing Projekt epoq

Classification of product features for the provision of filter attributes and product data

epoq internet services GmbH are specialized in applied data mining algorithmics. They develop individual solutions for their e-commerce sector clients to make their online shops smarter, and as a result more user-friendly and comfortable for consumers.
To enhance the epoq demo application, “jeans finder”, our Clickworkers classified numerous images of jeans products with regard to their fit and appearance according to predefined criteria.

“The result is impressive and provides a perfect finishing touch to our epoq jeans finder.” – says Pascal David, Business Development Manager at epoq internet services GmbH.

The product data gained by the clickworkers offers the consumers other information decisive for the purchase and refines the product search filter of the jeans shop with additional attributes.


Crowdsourcing Project swink.tv

Categorization of 3,700 videos of various high school sport events.

Swink.tv is an American Internet media network for high school sports. Clickworkers identified the sport, home team, special plays, tagged the images with pre-determined keywords and categorized them according to who was playing.

Case Study

Gimahhot GmbH

Crowdsourcing Project gimahhot

Categorizing of products

Gimahhot is an online shopping center that has 1 million visitors every month. The site offers a very diverse range of approximately 160,000 products. clickworker undertook the task of classifying this huge product line. Gimahhot’s leader, Thomas Promny had this to say about the collaboration: “humangrid is a very interesting service provider that can take care of simple, numerous and recurring tasks automatically.”

Deutsche Telekom AG

Crowdsourcing Project telekom

Classification of texts in order to optimize online product presentation

T-Online runs one of the largest German web portals. Their products are offered under the T-Home label of the Deutsche Telekom AG. In order to improve their online product presentation, text classifications were carried out through clickworker.