Text Agency – Short Conceptual Explanation

A text agency, sometimes known as a content creation agency, provides content-based services to clients. Texts include blog articles, product descriptions, website content, sales letters, and much more. The content provided by a text agency can either be composed by employees of that agency, or writers can be hired as freelancers to complete projects for clients.

Kinds of content a text agency can create

Text agencies specialize in creating content for a wide range of companies on a wide range of subjects and topics. Most texts are created with a marketing strategy in mind, although that isn’t always the case. Content writers and copywriters who are employed by a text agency are skilled at doing research and creating personalized content for every client, no matter what their needs.

Texts and content that can be created for businesses and individuals can include:

  • Advertising content
  • Sales letters
  • Email newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Editorial articles
  • Website content
  • Blog writing service
  • Product description writing
  • eBooks
  • Tutorials
  • Company profile writing service
  • And much more

Many agencies work on individual projects, but a comprehensive approach that addresses a wide variety of texts is also an option. The majority of text creation services are for online applications, but sometimes, content for traditional print and advertising campaigns is created as well.

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Text Agency
Text Agency

Benefits of working with a text agency

There are many benefits of working with a text agency. First, hiring professional writers to compose content can save time. Writing thousands of words for a website, for example, can take weeks of concentrated effort. Hiring a professional to create various texts means other people in the company don’t have to spend their time creating them.

Secondly, freelancers and employees who work with an agency are professionals. They know how to modify their tone and style of writing to ensure each text creates the largest impact possible. For example, they can utilize key phrases to get a customer to take action, or they can use highly descriptive language to emphasize the benefits of a product or service.

Lastly, a professional agency is up-to-date on all the latest SEO techniques. They can weave keywords and phrases throughout the text in key areas to ensure the content ranks well on search engine results pages. Some agencies are also willing to do keyword research to discover which words and phrases would perform better on search engines.

What to look for in a text agency

It is important to find a qualified text agency. Only professional agencies can provide high-standard content that converts and does well on search engines.

Look for a company that employs full-time writers who have demonstrated their ability in a wide variety of areas, including writers who specialize in various topics. Content should be created by native speakers. The agency should be willing to provide samples upon request.

In addition, a high-quality text agency will provide support after the text has been provided. For example, they may conduct plagiarism checks, employ editors to ensure every piece of content is free from errors, and/or make edits based on the feedback of the company requesting the text.