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clickworker provides various solutions for media to ensure the success of your platform. As a media content provider, clickworker employs qualified SEO content writers for a broad spectrum of topics. Content by clickworker pays into SEO for media companies to increase your visibility on search engines like Google. We help simplify the overview and navigation of your site for visitors and supply them with valuable information regarding the media files you offer.

Solutions for Media Providers
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SEO for Media Companies: Optimizations of all kinds of Media Files

Google’s “Universal Search” function often positions multimedia content at the top of the search results. You can simplify a search engine’s workload by enhancing your media content with valid descriptions, keywords, and categorizations. This leads to higher ranking on Google and improves the presentation of content to users of your platform.

No matter which kinds of media files (e.g., videos, photos, illustrations, drawings, audio files, PDFs) in which sizes you display online; we assess, categorize, and tag them or write short search engine optimized meta descriptions of the files according to your needs.

With our technical know-how, specialized service, and a large international network of Clickworkers, we can process thousands of data requests in multiple languages at a record pace.

Solutions for Media: Tagging, Categorization & Assessment of Files

The larger the number of files offered on your website, the bigger your need to structure them clearly and classify them with appropriate tags and keywords for better search visibility. In addition, the media files you have made available can be traced easily and intuitively by your target group via internal search functions.

Appropriate keywords can be used as attributes for a facet filter on your website. Your web visitors define their search for the video, image, or audio file requested, and can deliberately limit the search results if they wish. The tagging and categorization of media files also has a positive effect on the ranking of your web content with search engines such as Google. It leads to a top placement and increased traffic for your website.

We provide all the support you need for the resource-saving tagging and categorization of your media files, including videos, audio files, PDFs, photos, illustrations, and drawings.

Here’s what we offer:

  • Evaluation of image files (for example G-rated or X-rated)
  • Classification of image features (horizontal or vertical format, graphics, or photo, with or without individuals, color, or no color, etc.)
  • Tagging of images (with synonyms: cup = cup, mug, beaker, container, etc.)
  • Categorization of images (individuals: adults, children, or groups, buildings: private, house, and nature: plants, trees, etc.)
  • Tagging of audio files (classifying a piece of music by Mozart: Mozart, classical, the Magic Flute, instrumental, etc.)
  • Categorization of audio files (by type: music, vocals, pop / audio book, children, fantasy / etc.)
  • Assessment of video files (according to image quality and sound)
  • Tagging of video files (instructional videos: crafts, knitting, knitting patterns, lace stitch, knitting instructions)
  • Categorization of video files (sports, ball sports, indoor sports, handball / music, folk music, Italy / etc.)

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clickworker as Media Content Provider

Your categorized and tagged media files provide valuable content for your website. You can improve content for search engine optimization by adding texts that describe the files and give a short summary of the content itself. This means that the content must be optimized for search engines such as Google. The text must be unique, relevant, interesting, and include the most important keywords.

In addition to the search engines, descriptive information about your media files is particularly appealing to your visitors, who can determine specific details about the content and select it according to their own interests.

In addition to the tagging and categorization of your media files, we can handle the entire writing process. The range of subjects in the content of your media files can be diverse. We have qualified authors with a variety of interests and expertise in our large community of Clickworkers.

Market information

Some of these topics include:

  • Sports
  • Lifestyle
  • Computer & Internet
  • Business and Finance
  • Science and Research
  • Home and Garden
  • Film, Television and Music
  • Travel
  • And many more

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Self Service Solutions for Media

Use our self-service marketplace to place your text creation orders. This service is specially designed for small or standardized tasks. There are no setup fees for this wide-ranging project creation and specification.

How it works:

  • Specify the text category, language, length, and quality level that you need
  • Select a team of authors and establish the instructions for them
    Tips to create a briefing
  • Insert topics, keywords, and keyword density, or upload this data via an Excel file
  • If needed, the task form that is displayed to the authors can be edited individually
  • Charge the credit linked to your account and submit the order.
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Search relevance evaluation service
Labeling & Validation of Data

Managed Service Solutions for Media Providers

All of the solutions mentioned here can be found using the “Our Solutions” page of our website.

If the right solution is not listed, we look forward to hearing from you. Every project is unique – therefore we offer individualized solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Easy Ordering with clickworker

We take the time to understand your project. That means discussing the order with you, explaining your options to you, drafting the project, dividing it into microtasks, offering these tasks to qualified Clickworkers, providing quality assurance, and making the payments to the Clickworkers.

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Benefits with the clickworker Solutions for the Media Industry

  • Top search engine ranking for your website content
  • More visitors on your website
  • Optimization of your website’s usability – enhanced search function and structure of offers
  • Speed – prompt categorization and fast tagging of large amounts of data
  • One-stop categorization and tagging in all standard languages
  • Quality assured results
  • Cost-saving benefits
  • Managed service
  • Scalable throughput
  • Flexible workforce
  • API connection
Product Descriptions

FAQ on Solutions for Media

Do you have questions regarding SEO for media companies or media content providers? Check out our FAQ for more information on our solutions for media.

What is SEO for Media Companies?

Like other firms, media companies use SEO in order to perform in organic search. That includes

  • optimizing the content for search engines
  • optimizing meta data
  • optimizing images, videos, and multimedia
  • optimizing the site for desktop and mobile use
  • optimizing the technical background

These SEO strategies help media companies to be found online.

What do Media Content Providers do?

Media content providers compile pieces of content such as articles on relevant topics. Hiring professional writers from media content providers such as clickworker holds the advantage of being able to publish new content regularly and fill in when there is less content from inhouse authors. This strengthens the significance of that media platform on search engines, and is therefore a key factor to success.

What are examples of Solutions for Media?

clickworker offers various solutions for media, the most prominent being high quality content for different fields of interest ranging from science to lifestyle. Further solutions for media involve categorization, classification and tagging tasks for audio and video files in order to structure the content on the website. For other micro tasks, contact the managed service at clickworker to find a customized solution.

How does clickworker ensure quality when it comes to providing content for media companies?

At clickworker our first instance for quality assurance is hiring qualified authors. Secondly all texts are checked for plagiarism to ensure that you receive unique texts. You also have the possibility to book further quality control measurements such as having professional editors go through the texts for spelling and grammar and check if they match your individual requirements. Learn more about content from the crowd in our customer blog.

What are the benefits of Crowdsourcing as a Media Service Provider?

If you are a media service provider, crowdsourcing can benefit you on various levels. The biggest advantage with crowdsourcing is its scalability. Split into subtasks even the biggest challenge becomes feasible. In addition, media companies benefit from

  • higher rankings and visibility on search engines
  • more organic traffic
  • better usability

What our Customers say about us

clickworker is a very attractive service provider for anyone who wants to have a large number of simple and recurring tasks automatically dealt with.