Short Guide for the order placement via our self-service marketplace

You can use our self-service marketplace to access the knowhow, skills, and support from over 6 Million Clickworkers worldwide.


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Step 1: Setup Your Orde

Step 1:

Setup Your Order

Determine the basic parameters of your order, and inform the Clickworkers in a briefing about the scope and instructions of the task. The better the briefing is, the more exactly the results will correspond to your wishes. To support you as much as possible when creating tasks, we have provided briefing templates for each order type.

Step 2: Import Your Order Data

Step 2:

Import Your Order Data

Supply the task data that the Clickworkers require to work on your job. Depending on the type of job this could for example be text topic, keywords, source texts or survey links.
According to your requirements you can either manually enter the information into the designated fields, or for example with larger jobs, upload the compiled information as an Excel or CSV file. To make it easier for you, we provided suitable templates (Excel files) at this step, too.

Step 3: Confirm or Edit the Preview of the Task Form

Step 3:

Confirm or Edit the Preview of the Task Form

In step 3 you will receive a preview of the task, the way it will later be displayed to the Clickworkers. We have pre-defined the template for this view to make commissioning a job as simple as possible. If necessary though, you can also edit the template based on your individual preferences via drag and drop.

Step 4: Charge Your Account and Submit Your Order

Step 4:

Charge Your Account and Submit Your Order

Review the final summary for your order. Make sure that your prepaid account covers the cost of the assignment. For this, charge your account (ideally through PayPal) via the menu option “Account / Charge Account”. When paying with PayPal, the amount will be credited to your account immediately and you can send in your order using the button “Submit Order Now”. Alternatively you can choose the payment option “credit card” or “bank transfers”.

All submitted orders are checked by our project managers and then released to be carried out by the Clickworkers. With this process we ensure that all required information is present, and that the Clickworkers can tackle the tasks according to your requirements.

As soon as the tasks are available online for our Clickworkers, you will receive an email notification.
You will receive a further email as soon as the initial results are available in your account for approval and download (not applicable for survey tasks). In addition you can view the status of and progress on your order at any time in your customer account.