Photo Data Sets / Image Data Sets

Demand-specific photo data sets / image data sets for optimal image recognition training

Train your AI image recognition system with photo data sets that are precisely adapted to meet your requirements.

We can provide you with data sets that are created by our crowd according to your exact specifications.
Because of the potential of our international crowd, we can deliver the necessary AI training data promptly and in large quantities, as well as extract and classify information from existing photo data sets.

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Image data sets

Photo Data Sets / Image Data Sets – Areas of Application

Creation of Photo Data Sets

Photo Data Sets

Your AI system has to be trained with adequate and model-specific photo data sets in order to correctly recognize and assess images by means of machine learning. Acquiring this type of high quality and appropriate training data for unsupervised learning is generally quite difficult and very expensive.

We provide the solution with the help of our crowd. Our global network of over 1.5 million Clickworkers can create photo data sets that can be used as perfect training data for your image recognition system, exactly according to your requirements.

Our Clickworkers can take photos of, for instance,

  • faces with various expressions
  • persons carrying out various activities
  • spaces
  • stores
  • objects
  • plants
  • animals
  • handwritten texts

The heterogeneous nature of our crowd ensures that you obtain real, highly diverse, and representative training data for the optimal AI training of your image recognition systems.

  • large amounts of demand-specific photo data sets in a short space of time
  • a wide range of photos, regarding persons displayed, surroundings, objects, light conditions, times of day, indoor and outdoor shots, distances, etc.
  • shots taken from any angle, also in 360° rotations
  • serial shots
  • photo shots and immediate transfer via the Clickworker-App
  • various photo formats – horizontal or vertical, use of wide angle or telephoto lens, with or without flash
  • quality checks

Extracting and Classifying Photo Data Sets

When training image recognition systems, it is often worth to feed the system with important information relevant to the individual training photos in order to achieve optimal results via the supervised learning method.

Photo Data Sets

For this task we can provide you with our extraction and classification services for photo data sets.
Our Clickworkers view all of your photo data sets in a very short period of time and extract the image information that is important for the training and usage of the system, according to your requirements. These data help your system to correctly understand, classify and process the content, elements and situations gained from the images.
The information that can be extracted includes e.g. which objects and scenes can be seen on the image, how many people there are, what facial expressions they have, etc.
In addition to that, texts that are visible on the images can be transcribed, therefore delivering valuable information.

A classification of the images also helps you filter your existing photo data sets and use only high quality training data. The photo data sets can be classified according to, for instance, quality, content and category. This filter ensures that your image recognition system is only trained with suitable data and can achieve optimal results.

  • prompt acquisition of image information
  • fast quality filtering for large quantities of photo data sets
  • comments relevant to the image files
  • high quality analysis of the content with human intellect
  • numerous languages
  • quality check

Clickworker App

The Clickworker app (for Android and iOS) makes it very easy for our Clickworkers to create and transfer photo data sets from any location for you.

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Clickworker App select Job

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Clickworker App create Image

Take Photo

Clickworker App send Images

Upload Photo Data

The jobs to create photos can be set up to meet your exact requirements. In the task form you can define the number of photos, the format, the camera of the smartphone you want Clickworkers to use, lens and flash settings as well as the series or live photo functions. On request, every photo can also include the relevant geo-data.

Managed Service «Photo Data Sets / Image Data Sets»

Your image recognition systems have to be fed with an ample amount of model-specific photo data sets to be able to correctly evaluate photos. Data sets that are available to the public are seldom sufficient. The large diversity and types of data needed for the AI model are seldom available in adequate quantities.

In close cooperation with you, we draw up a tailor-made project for the creation and/or extraction as well as classification of photo data sets. In consultation with you, we assign the tasks only to Clickworkers who meet the requirements of the project. The items we can filter include, among others, demography, smartphone-specific requirements, or skills and knowledge of the Clickworkers in our crowd.

This means that a large number of suitable Clickworkers are quickly given the tasks relevant to your project, which they process promptly and according to your specifications.
We supervise and handle the entire project management, the quality management as well as the payment of the Clickworkers.

Our managed service “photo data sets” guarantees prompt, high quality training data adapted to meet the specifications of your model to train the algorithms of your image recognition system for faultless operation.

Supplementary solutions for our services
«Photo Data Sets»

Image annotation as training data for machine learning

With this service you can add additional information to your photo data sets and have them annotated. Our Clickworkers mark image elements with bounding boxes, polygons or key points, carry out pixel accurate semantic segmentations and label or tag the marked areas.

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Audio data sets for training your speech recognition systems

Use this service to acquire the appropriate audio data sets for training your speech recognition system. The heterogeneous nature of our crowd guarantees a wide range of speech versions, pronunciations, intonations and tone quality.

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Video data sets as training data for computer vision models

This service offers video data sets created by our Clickworkers according to your exact specifications. These include, for example, videos of objects, animals, Clickworkers in action, and more. Depending on your model and the planned use of your system, you obtain optimal training data for your system.

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