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Unique Content for Fashion Shops

As the owner of a fashion shop, you are constantly faced with the challenge of obtaining fresh and unique content. Let us get the work done for you. Our fashion-specialized authors write high-quality SEO texts in all the most common languages for your shop.

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Unique Content as a success factor for fashion shops

Fashion is a fast-moving line of business. Yesterday‘s „in“ is today‘s „out“; trends change quickly or merchandise is out of season. This not only affects offline trade, it also means that online trade has to react quickly and adapt their range of goods.

Today, fashion is one of the best-selling e-commerce sectors. This sector continues to grow and competition is increasing. Long-term success is achieved by those who face the specific challenges of the sector:

Unique Content

Challenges for fashion shops:

  • Prompt adjustment of the merchandise to meet the trends and seasons.
  • Survive in the face of strong and international competition that is increasingly coming from the fashion magazine sector.
  • Lower the consumer inhibition threshold to purchase fashion articles without having seen or tried them on first.
  • Win in the competition for the best position at Google & Co. and the best visibility and traceability of every product.


The answer to all four challenges is Unique Content by clickworker
= Well-written, informative, added value, search engine optimized unique content in all standard languages – Prompt and resource-saving – For every product category and for every individual product sold in your shop.

Unique Content by clickworker –

What‘s the use of having good products in your shop if they are barely visible on the Internet and can‘t be found?

Most online shoppers use search engines, for instance Google, to find the product they desire on the Internet. Therefore, it is essential that you are positioned at the top of the search results.

Since search engines primarily gather the texts for the analysis of websites, unique content in the shape of search engine optimized (SEO) texts (e. g. product descriptions, advice texts & guides, category descriptions and glossary texts) is, as it were, the most effective content for your necessary search engine optimization. The texts must be unique. Plagiarisms are recognized by search engines and result in a devaluation of your website in the search engine ranking. In contrast, texts that are relevant for the search and contain the relevant keywords have a positive effect.

Unique Content

More than just texts

To make sure that the content on your website is attractive to your customers as well as to the search engines, you will need to have texts that are well-written, meet the information needs and satisfy the reader‘s expectations.

Qualified authors from our international network of Clickworkers will be glad to write unique content descriptions for you. Our Clickworkers can create product descriptions, category and advice texts for the global sales of your products in all of the standard European and American languages. To ensure that you strike the right chord and use of language when you address your customers, the texts are newly written by native speakers only and not simply translated.

Our Clickworkers integrate keywords to enhance the search engine optimization of the texts.

Unique Content for your Shop

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are essential for the success of your shop. With good and unique product descriptions from clickworker:

  • you meet customer information needs, lower the purchase inhibition level and the number of returns;
  • you stand out in contrast to your rivals by providing more information and your own style,
  • and use every product page as an ideal landing page that will bring Internet users via Google & Co. to their desired product.

The product descriptions include all of the important basic information regarding the nature of the product in question as well as its applications according to your specifications. In addition to the factual and exhaustive description, our Clickworkers also observe the correct takeover of data and numbers relevant to the product.

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Category Texts

Category texts from clickworker are informative texts about your range of offers and products. Seen from the web page structure, they are superordinate to the product description pages. The category texts provide:

  • long-lasting web page content that will put you in a top search engine ranking position, and attract customers.
  • content that you can use to link and call attention to your top products in the shop.

Our Clickworkers write category texts that present the content of the respective product category to your visitors without including seasonal or trend relevant information. This ensures that the category texts are long-lasting.

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Advice texts & Guides

Advice texts from clickworker are important sources of information for your customers and bring considerable added value. The changing, well-written advice texts:

  • supply expert fashion knowledge and offset the competitive edge of the fashion magazines.
  • They also give your customers a reason to visit your website at regular intervals.
  • With the integration of product relevant keywords, the texts also enhance the search engine optimization.

In addition to being good text writers, many of our Clickworkers are also fashion experts. To meet your demands, the texts will only be written by clickworkers who have a proficient linguistic knowledge as well as a qualified interest in fashion. When our Clickworkers write the texts, the emphasis is always on the practical use for your customers and readers.

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Your Benefits

  • Top search engine ranking for your shop
  • Increase of the conversion rate
  • Reduction of the number of returns
  • Differentiation from competitors
  • Text service in all standard languages from one source
  • Use of national language customs
  • Rapid creation of large amounts of text
  • Flexible workforce
  • Quality assured results
  • Cost benefits
  • One-stop managed service
  • Scaleable throughput
  • API Connection

Self Service

Use our Self-Service Marketplace to place your unique content orders. This service is specially designed for standardized text creation tasks. It involves no setup fees for the wide-ranging project setup and specification.

This is how it works

  • specify the text category, language, length and quality level,
  • select a team of authors and formulate the instructions for the authors
    Tips to create a briefing
  • insert topics, keywords and keyword density or upload these data via excel file,
  • if needed, the task form which will be displayed to the authors can be edited individually,
  • charge credit to your account and submit your order.
  • Order Unique Content

Managed Service

Let us know what you need, and we‘ll take care of it.

You decide on the languages, the style, and the length of the texts, as well as the keywords, with or without headings and subheadings, …and how you want your quality-assured results delivered.

Our services as a full-service provider encompass the entire order process. We discuss the order with you, advise you with regard to the options, draft the project, divide it into microtasks, offer these tasks to qualified Clickworkers, provide quality assurance, and make the payments to the Clickworkers.

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