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Audio Data Sets

Audio data sets in various languages for speech recognition training

Prompt delivery of large quantities of high-quality, human-generated training data for the optimization of your speech recognition systems.

More than 3.6 million global Clickworkers are at your disposal to create specific voice recordings (text to speech), transcribe voice recordings (speech to text) and classify audio files according to your specifications in more than 30 languages and numerous dialects.

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Audio Data Sets for Speech Recognition Training – Application Examples

Voice Recordings – Creation of Audio Data Sets

Text to Speech

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Each human voice and speech pattern is unique. They differ in intonation, pace, pronunciation and dialect. These factors complicate the development of automated speech recognition systems.

A reliable speech recognition system must be trained using a high volume of high-quality speech recordings and developed by a diverse group of individuals to cover the range of human language nuances and, as such, be capable of performing the correct actions.

Our crowd provides you with voice recordings and data on

  • How people phrase and pronounce instructions to voice assistants
  • How people respond and comment to speech recognition systems
  • How people pronounce and emphasize pre-defined sentences
  • How clearly sentences are understood when they are said by people of diverse origins and with different background noise
  • Large quantities of audio files in a concise amount of time
  • Thousands of varied and authentic voice patterns
  • A significant number of languages and dialects
  • Recordings in various environments
  • Speech recordings with immediate data transfer via the Clickworker app
  • Multiple data formats – wav, mp3/mono, stereo, 8 and 16 Bit
  • Quality check

Transcription of Audio Data Sets

Speech to Text

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High-performance speech recognition systems that convert authentic language into text require extensive human-made training data for machine learning.

With the help of our international pool of Clickworkers, we provide voice recordings while also transcribing audio files in a variety of languages.
The transcriptions are only processed by qualified Clickworkers, performed precisely as directed and checked before being accepted.

This important training data enables your speech recognition system to continue learning and achieving optimal results:

  • Large quantities of transcriptions in a brief amount of time
  • Numerous languages available
  • Correct punctuation
  • Commentary available specific to the audio files
  • Various data formats
  • Quality check

Classification of Audio Data Sets

Classification of Audio Data Sets

Speech recognition systems that are meant to learn how to communicate and perform actions must be able to correctly interpret, assess and place the spoken word in the appropriate context.

Our Clickworkers can filter out this information from audio files and make them available as training data for your speech recognition system.

Analyses can include, for example, the emotional tonality as well as the subject matter of the spoken text, as well as the quality of the audio file (specific to clear sound, articulation and accuracy of the voice commands).

The analysis of this data provides your system with first-rate audio data sets, as well as more detailed content-related information about the audio files, all optimized for use in human interaction:

  • Swift quality filtering for large quantities of audio files
  • High-quality analysis of the content with human intellect
  • Numerous languages
  • Quality check

Clickworker App

With the Clickworker App (for Android and IOS) Clickworkers can create audio data sets and transfer them to you from anywhere in the world.

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Job opportunities for our Clickworker to create video recordings are set-up according to your specifications and requirements. In addition to content, surroundings, time-of-day and lighting conditions, you can also specify the length and number of videos you want to be recorded. It is also possible to include geo-data in the delivery of every video file.

Managed Service «Audio Data Sets»

Your consultant from our team will discuss the objectives of the project with you. Based on this information, our qualified project managers will set up the tasks according to your specifications. Only qualified Clickworkers will be authorized to work on your project.
If desired, specialized task training as a prerequisite for working on your project can also be organized.

All of the audio files created by our Clickworkers, as well as the transcriptions and assessments, will be subject to a final check which guarantees you to only receive high-quality audio data sets.

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