25 become 50 – Our rating system is being revised

11.10.2012 clickworker blog 7 Comments

You are given an individual rating for every workitem you process on clickworker.com. Depending on how good or bad it turns out, it affects your rating as an author, translator or web researcher. We will be making a few changes in the rating system shortly. These changes are primarily designed to ensure that your ratings are less susceptible to extreme evaluations, and keep decreases moderate.

What will change? Two items.

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Greenpeace’s greenest vessel


In 2009, Greenpeace decided that it was time to retire the legendary Rainbow Warrior II and launch a new green vessel. In contrast to its predecessor, Rainbow Warrior III will be built from new and according to ecological aspects. It will not only be the base for future campaigns, but also function as a lab and communication center.

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Thousands of Internet users sing together in a virtual choir

19.09.2012 clickworker blog 4 Comments

Is it possible to sing together with people from all over the world without leaving your living room? Yes it is. Thanks to the Internet project “Virtual Choir” launched by Eric Whitacre, a US American, anyone can participate in a global choir from his or her own home.

virtual choir

Whitacre got the idea when he saw a video a girl had recorded of herself singing one of Whitacre’s songs, and shared on Youtube. Inspired by the video, Whitacre called on his fans to perform the song “Sleep”, record themselves, and share the result on Youtube. That was in 2009. “Lux Aurumque” followed the same year: it has been viewed 3 million times and performed by 185 singers from 12 countries. Both videos can be viewed on the website especially designed for German fans.

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When fans write the script – Germany’s first crowd film

11.09.2012 clickworker blog 2 Comments

“You always dreamed of working in the film business but could never realize your dream? You feel as though you’ve got hidden talents that you haven’t even discovered yourself? Or are you simply at the beginning of a very great career? Then it’s time to join us – become a Cascadeur!”
Taken from their homepage these are lines Cascadeur Film Productions team are using to attract creatives to participate in a very special production: Cascadeur Reloaded – Germany’s first ever crowd film.

crowd film
A scene from the original movie from 1998. Copyright: Cascadeur Film
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Yippee, my package has arrived – Tracking packages with the crowd!

05.09.2012 clickworker blog 1 Comment

Lying in wait for the mailman to deliver packages might soon be a thing of the past. The Internet service http://www.parcello.org has made a point of supplying valid statements about when long-awaited orders from online shops or private packages will reach their destination.

The procedure designed by Parcello is not based on the direct tracking of individual packages as in the package tracking services previously provided by the parcel services. It is based on a system of predictions derived from user entries.

Registered members can go on the website and type in when the parcel service delivered their package. With this information, as well as the dispatch address and the possible delivery route, one can calculate when other packages will be delivered in the neighborhood.


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